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5 Great Ways to Use Email Marketing to Boost Traffic and SEO

— April 18, 2020

Digital marketing tactics work best when they work together as a part of a comprehensive strategy. With these tips in mind, be sure to use email marketing to drive quality traffic to your website, and boost your long-term SEO potential in the process.

In the search for more website traffic and a higher place in the SERPs, you have to make all of your digital marketing tactics work together. Sure, SEO is great all on its own, and social media management can help you boost engagement and even traffic, but imagine if you created a comprehensive approach in which all tactics work together towards a common goal. One of the best examples of this would be to employ your email marketing strategy to boost your SEO efforts, drive qualified leads to your site, boost social media engagement, and more.

After all, email marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal, simply because of its reach potential, and the ability to open up a personal line of communication between the brand and its customers. Complemented by some amazing storytelling and a clear vision how it can supplement other marketing tactics, and email suddenly becomes your most lucrative marketing method. All right, let’s break all of this down and give you some great tips on how you can use email marketing to boost traffic and SEO.

Use email to drive quality traffic to your site

First things first, keep in mind that there is a big difference between more traffic, and more qualified traffic. The point of email marketing is to guide qualified traffic to your website, or in other words, to inspire people to actually venture onto your website with the intention to interact with it in some form – be it a purchase, or to read and share your blog posts, or to download your digital products and sign up for your workshops. Needless to say, the content that greets them on your website needs to be top-of-the-line as well, but that is a topic for another time.

Right now, your goal is to make your email content as relevant to the customer as possible, seeing as how relevance is one of the most important factors that determines email success. And the way to achieve this is to personalize your emails. When a potential customer opens your email (or an existing customer whom you’re trying to get back to your site for a repeat purchase), they want and need to see content that is relevant to them, their lifestyle, their online habits, and their unique likes and dislikes. This is why you shouldn’t just send bulk cookie-cutter emails, rather, you should segment your email list and only send relevant content to your audience.

Boost engagement on your website

Not only is email marketing one of the best ways to boost quality traffic, but it’s also one of the best ways to improve customer engagement on your website. Too often will you see websites that fail to deliver on the promises they made in their emails, which is a surefire way to disappoint your audience and increase your bounce rate. In turn, this will lower your SEO score and tell all of the search engines that people are not sticking around, which is a clear indicator that your site is not providing them with the solutions they’re after.

To prevent this scenario, you should use your amazing emails to engage your audience and lead them to a landing page that delivers on the promises you made. Be sure to use your emails to supplement your web content and get the needed inspiration to make it better over time. You can do this by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and checking whether or not your email content corresponds with the content on your website.

Generate fresh content from email data

Graphic of email marketing, with dollar signs; image by 905513, via
Graphic of email marketing, with dollar signs; image by 905513, via

Email marketing produces a lot of valuable customer information, which presents a wonderful opportunity to enrich your own website and boost your traffic, SEO, and brand authority in your industry. This is why business leaders are nowadays using SEO reporting tools for agencies to monitor all of their key metrics closely while paying attention to the types of emails that get opened the most, the headlines that spark interest, and the talking points that make customers visit their site. All of this relevant information helps generate new ideas and create great content on your site. 

By segmenting your email audience and generating fresh content based on the personal preferences of different customer groups, you can tailor your entire content strategy to appeal to a wide audience, all the while enriching the content with SEO tactics as well.

Use email content to boost your rich snippets

One of the most powerful ways to boost your SEO and improve brand visibility in the SERPs is to appear in Google’s snippets, especially in the local search results. The most valuable content that answers the questions people are posing often gets placed in the snippets section, which is a short answer that appears along with your link in the search results. It’s especially important to appear in this section of the search results if you’re operating in a highly-competitive market, for example. That said, your goal should be to go a step further and add rich snippets to your website in order to help Google index your pages properly.

Your emails can help you boost your ranking in the snippets by notifying all recipients of your events, including relevant business information, adding interesting stories that supplement the information on your site, detailed product and offer markups, and disseminating top-level articles through your emails. This way, your audience will have an easier time finding the relevant content on your site while the rich snippets will help Google position your site higher in the SERPs to bring quality traffic to your website.

Use emails to encourage social sharing

And finally, social media management may not directly influence your standing in the SERPs, but it certainly has the potential to boost your SEO potential indirectly, so don’t dismiss it. You can add social sharing buttons to your emails and tailor the email copy to incentivize the recipients to check you out on your social media accounts, which can guide your social media followers to your website as a result. This is a clear example of how different marketing tactics can work together, so make sure to create quality content, post it on social media regularly, and then reach out to your potential and existing followers via email.

Wrapping up

Digital marketing tactics work best when they work together as a part of a comprehensive strategy. With these tips in mind, be sure to use email marketing to drive quality traffic to your website, and boost your long-term SEO potential in the process.

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