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5 Reasons Expanding Apprenticeships Will Benefit Millennials

— May 24, 2021

Apprenticeships provide a myriad of opportunities to millennials and talented job seekers of all generations.

The concept of apprenticeships is definitely not a new one, and many millennials might consider it a thing of the past – something the older generations used to do. However, apprenticeship is not only alive and kicking, it is one of the most powerful driving forces in the modern business world, across entire industries and sectors. To be an apprentice at a business means to gain the knowledge and experience needed to become a thriving member of the workforce quickly, but also to push the company and the local economy forward.

There are many reasons why millennials and the younger generations should embrace the concept of apprenticeship with open arms, as it can lead to long-term success and a thriving career, with or without formal academic education. Let’s take a look at why apprenticeship is a great way to ensure a successful future, and how it helps push millennials, businesses, and economies forward in the competitive world.

Apprentices can earn higher wages

First things first, it’s important to note that an apprenticeship can dramatically raise the wages of those who have completed them and have decided to stay with the company. Given the fact that the apprentice is being groomed to take on a specific role in a company through this extensive program, it should come as no surprise that these high-valued employees can, and almost always do, get a significantly higher starting salary than any other applicant.

This is a great opportunity for a millennial to land a job that pays well and get the education and training they need to thrive at the new company. During the program, though, the hourly rates are not going to be spectacular, however, once the apprenticeship is over you can expect to get a higher starting salary with plenty of opportunity for growth down the road. 

Apprenticeships are paid positions

Unlike internships and volunteer work, an apprenticeship is a paid position. This makes it a great opportunity for millennials who are not only looking to obtain some real-world experience, but are also looking for ways to exchange their hard work and time for money. Because there is professional training and education involved, the position needs to be a paid one, as this is the company investing in new talent that will soon bring value and growth to the business.

Smart business leaders will invest heavily in apprenticeships in order to bring talented, hardworking individuals to the company, but they need to train and educate them on the specific processes used in their business. Because it’s such a specialized, brand-specific training program, the managers need to provide adequate compensation to the apprentice to incentivize them to stay when the apprenticeship is over. Other than that, paying the apprentice the national minimum wage at the very least is the law in most countries. 

Millennials can study while being apprentices

One of the most compelling reasons why millennials would want to become apprentices is because these programs allow them to continue their studies while gaining real-world experience and earning a living. For example, in Australia this has been a popular trend for decades, and nowadays millennials can even use a SACE study guide online to become eligible to undertake apprenticeships while at school, especially in different fields and sectors.

That is the South Australian Certification of Education, but other countries around the world have similar certifications that open numerous doors and pathways to the modern workforce for millennials and younger generations. No matter where you’re from, you can look for these types of certifications that will empower you to explore exciting new options while allowing you to continue with your studies. 

Getting a great education with minimal debt

You might not have known, but an apprenticeship can help further your studies and help you finish school faster. Many apprenticeship programs allow you to earn extra college credit for the courses you’re taking and any training you get at a company.

Needless to say, this is a great opportunity for millennials and others to work faster towards an associate degree, or even a bachelor’s or master’s degree in some industries. This helps minimize the student debt that millennials have to deal with, and it allows students to leave school with little to no debt. If nothing else, an apprenticeship can help a student pay off their debt in a shorter timeframe. 

Apprentices help push the economy forward

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng, via
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng, via

Last but not least, it’s important to note that apprenticeship programs help drive the economy forward. Businesses that invest in apprentices are able to bring skilled and experienced workers to their teams, and thus bring more value to the company while retaining talented employees over the long term.

This helps make business more competitive in their field, and it forces companies to start paying more decent wages to their employees because of the influx of skilled workers. This is the kind of sustainable economic model that helps keep industries in check and prevents dips in financial compensation that leads to high employee turnover. 

Over to you

Apprenticeships provide a myriad of opportunities to millennials and talented job seekers of all generations. With the right apprenticeship program, you can easily finish up your studies with minimal debt, gain valuable real-world experience, and secure a higher salary the moment you become a full-time member of the team.

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