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5 Tips to Help You Attain Guardianship

— December 7, 2022

A mentally or physically disabled child, an elderly parent or a disabled adult often requires a guardian at some point in their lives.

A guardian vows to provide long-term care for an underage child or disabled adult. As a caregiver, it’s important that you prove that you understand the duties of the task, understand the consequences of failing your duties, and have acquired the skills and resources to handle your responsibilities. There are at least five ways to prepare for obtaining your guardianship.

Show Health and Fitness

The ideal guardian is physically fit and healthy to care for another person. It’s not necessary to undergo an extensive physical to prove your good health. You should be alert and focused at all times, speak clearly, and show a basic understanding of a guardian’s responsibilities.

Name a Backup

You will stand out if you have a backup plan. This includes naming someone to take your place if you become unavailable at any time. This person must be as equally responsible and capable of being a caregiver as you are. However, you cannot become a part-time caregiver if a child or adult needs full-time care. If you cannot spend more than a few hours a day with the person, it may not be a good idea to apply for guardianship.

Show Long-Term Stability

The most responsible person for a guardian is mentally, physically, and financially stable. Show that you have maintained stability in the ways that you act and behave. Prove that you have maintained long-term employment and lived in the same residence for at least several months. It may help to present an employment verification form, paystubs, or bank statements.

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Leave References 

Consider showing several personal and professional references from people who know you. They can verify that you are responsible, caring, and fully devoted to your duties. For additional tips, it may be necessary to consult a guardianship lawyer. He or she helps you to understand the legal requirements, fill out the documents properly, and meet all of the deadlines.

Learn to Compromise

Show your ability to compromise and think of the needs of the person who you are caring for and the individuals who are assisting in his or her care. Compromising proves that you are selfless, versatile, and open-minded to other people’s thoughts and ideas.

A mentally or physically disabled child, an elderly parent or a disabled adult often requires a guardian at some point in their lives. A guardian’s duties vary from making all major decisions in a person’s life to helping him or her to bathe, eat, dress and groom oneself. It is important to prepare for the lifelong job of guardianship.

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