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5 Ways a Criminal Charge Affects Your Life

— December 15, 2023

Carrying a criminal charge puts the person in a vicious loop. A loop where everything works against them.

They say that a person accused of any crime is innocent until proven guilty. But the reality is often different. Society villainizes any individual who’s been slapped with a criminal charge. This assumption carries on, regardless of whether the charges against the individual are dropped or if they are declared innocent at trial.

It is for such individuals that criminal defense attorneys offer their services. These attorneys give people a chance at life, a chance at understanding their rights, and a chance to make sure that they’re treated fairly.

However, an attorney’s role is only limited in court. The moment the individual steps out, they’re on their own.

As said before, an individual who has a criminal charge on their record will face a host of difficulties. This article discusses five of them.


This is the biggest impact of a criminal charge. The individual needn’t necessarily be declared guilty to experience this. The moment a criminal charge appears on a person’s record, their employment opportunities dry up.

Most employers straight up ask a person about their criminal records. There are increased chances that the employer will reject the person if they learn about their criminal charge.

Then, there are those who run background checks on the person they’re about to hire. They are within their rights to do that. A potential employer may reject the person’s application if they come across a criminal charge.

Cancellation of License

Upon receiving a criminal charge, an individual’s driving license might be revoked. The chances are particularly high if they are charged with crimes like 

  • DUI
  • Drug-related offense
  • Hit and run

Moving around becomes difficult without a valid driving license. The person will have to rely on others or a cab, which might lead to feelings of shame and guilt. All this will have a devastating effect on their emotional and financial well-being.

Getting Registered on a List

This is one of the more serious consequences of a criminal charge. Certain crimes require the individual to be registered on a list. Some of them are:

  • Crimes involving sex
  • Kidnapping
  • White-collar crimes
  • Money laundering

The inclusion in a list removes some of the rights a person has. For instance, registered sex offenders experience the following in their everyday lives.

  • Banned from visiting certain locations
  • Regularly update personal information in a public database
  • Periodic home visits by the local police department
  • Cannot travel to a different state without obtaining prior permission
  • Prohibition from social media or the internet

Additionally, people with criminal charges are often publicized in the media. This can impact the person’s self-esteem and personal relationships.

Parental Rights

Sad girl
Sad girl; image courtesy of Greyerbaby via Pixabay,

Getting custody of or adopting children becomes impossible for someone with a criminal charge. Some crimes, like domestic abuse or other acts of violence, will work against the individual’s right to adopt or secure custody of a child.

A criminal charge will also have an impact on the existing custody situation. The person who’s facing a criminal charge may lose custody until the case is resolved. In some cases, their parental rights might be completely revoked.


Housing is another area where a person facing criminal charges is seriously affected. Landlords or renters often run background checks on potential tenants. Some are more direct and ask the person about their criminal records.

However, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a guidance that prohibits discrimination based on a person’s criminal records. That said, a landlord or a renter has the right to deny housing if the individual’s criminal record makes them dangerous to other tenants.

Final Thoughts

Carrying a criminal charge puts the person in a vicious loop. A loop where everything works against them, enraging them more. This often has bad consequences.

However, it is up to the individual to find support wherever they can. A criminal charge isn’t the end of the world. Victims must hire the best defense attorney and find ways to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.

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