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5 Ways CBD and Sports Go Hand-in-Hand

— February 26, 2021

Allowing athletes to use CBD is nothing but victory.

Sports are a very demanding field in terms of body and mind fitness. Athletes have to put a lot of pressure on themselves to ensure they are fit and ready for each competition. While they will impose themselves to hard training and day and night field practices to become champions, it is also a free ticket to too much wear and tear of muscles and chronic injuries.

To stay up for the games, many go looking for drugs to improve their recovery process, relieve pain faster, and perform on the field. This leads to many of them using NSAIDs without caring about their future wellbeing. Even worse, those obsessed with the games will indulge in opium to improve their performance. These harmful practices have left many athletes in rehab due to drug dependency, some losing their places in the field, and many of them dead. If no safer means for these athletes to use, these unfortunate situations will continue to prevail.

Mindful athletes are evaluating their options and are now wondering how safe CBD is when incorporated in sports and whether it is legal. Seeing the health benefits that come with CBD products’ intake, the World Anti-Doping Agency allowed the use of CBD amongst athletes and outlined strict rules for the same. They went ahead to clarify that marijuana was still on the list of prohibited items due to its psychoactive effects. Legalizing CBD in sports was a means to find a compromise for athletes so that they would stop using steroids and other harmful products.

How does CBD help people in sports?

Removing CBD from the list of sports prohibited products was not done overnight. It was a series of considerations and a lot of studies to determine how CBD influences the body. It began with the recognition that the body has its system of cannabinoids that work to keep neurons’ activities optimal. Endocannabinoids work hand in hand with neurotransmitters to maintain balance in all body functions. Intake of CBD edibles, Sunday Scaries, gummies, and CBD capsules acts as a supplement to maintaining homeostasis.

Due to the wild pressure surrounding athletes, these individuals are at a high risk of inflammation due to activities that the ECS cannot handle. CBD helps to keep the actions of neurotransmitters in check, preventing such conditions. Apart from maintaining balance, CBD is significant in sports for the following reasons;

Enhances quality sleep

Enough rest is crucial in improving the performance of athletes. It helps an individual regain the energy lost throughout the day. Sleep is also a catalyst to relieving pain, something that athletes feel every day. CBD induces sleep by relaxing the brain, reducing muscle tension, and slowing down all body functions. People with anxiety also may find trouble sleeping. CBD has anti-anxiety properties that will help the individual sleep and have quality rest, essential for training.

CBD enhances fast recovery

Injuries, muscle sores, and joint problems are inevitable in the field. It could be due to high-intensity training or an accident with fellow players. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and thus, applying CBD lotions, creams, balms, and oils on the affected area helps the body regain its power faster so that you can get back to the field.

CBD is a stress and anxiety reliever

While many will think that physical fitness is all it takes to be a legend on the field, proper brain function is where it all starts. If you have nervous feelings minutes before facing your opponent, it might affect your performance. Also, if you have a lot going through your mind during your training, there is a likelihood that the session will not be productive. CBD oil helps in alleviating anxiety, depression, and stress symptoms and improving your cognitive ability.

CBD helps to grow muscles

Image by Victor Freitas, via
Image by Victor Freitas, via

Some athletes like to focus on building muscles and gaining strength to help them conquer their opponents. Sore muscles can make you skip some of your weightlifting sessions as you wait for your body to recover. This can slow down your fitness goals and, to some point, affect your performance in the field. Using CBD topical helps reduce the recovery period, and vaping before your training session improves your endurance, allowing you to gain more muscles in less time.

CBD improves performance

Having a fit and healthy body translates to increased performance in all activities, including sports. CBD influences performance by increasing body energy and endurance in training and field practices. Also, its influence over pain, inflammation, and speeding recoveries, no matter how severe, poses an opportunity for athletes to get back to the field quickly after injuries. Enhancing better rests and quality sleep, especially when competitions are approaching, also leads to maximum performance.


Allowing athletes to use CBD is nothing but victory. It helps to relieve pain, improve performance, and therapy to the brain without causing any harm in the future is great news. The task lies in ensuring that they will use quality products with the right THC amounts and those verified safe for use through lab tests.

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