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6 Inclusive Benefits to Add to Your Workplace

— July 24, 2023

EAPs are critical for encouraging diversity since they address employees’ different mental health issues. ~ Tiffany Hafler, Marketing Coordinator, Blockchain Lawyer

In the quest to foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment, we turned to HR and Legal professionals for their insights. From the perspective of an attorney suggesting flexible work arrangements to a Chief Underwriting Officer advocating for mental health awareness, here are six inclusive benefits these experts believe businesses should offer their employees.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements 
  • Versatile Wellness Budget 
  • Personalized Health Benefits 
  • Generous PTO Policies
  • Employee Assistance Programs 
  • Mental Health Awareness

Flexible Work Arrangements 

One inclusive benefit to offer employees is flexible work arrangements. This can include options such as remote work, flexible hours, or compressed work weeks. 

By offering these benefits, employers can create a more inclusive workplace that recognizes and accommodates the diverse needs and preferences of employees. Flexible work arrangements can benefit employees in many ways, such as reducing commuting time and expenses, providing more control over work schedules, and improving work-life balance. 

These benefits can be particularly important for employees with caregiving responsibilities, disabilities, or other personal or family needs that require more flexibility.

Robert Reder, Attorney, Blythe Grace PLLC

Versatile Wellness Budget 

Businesses should provide a wellness budget for employees rather than strictly defining benefits. 

For example, up to a certain amount of spending per month could be allocated to gym memberships or sports clubs, rather than all employees being given the same gym membership (some of whom would not likely respond positively to this or want to use it, to begin with).

Wendy Makinson, HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll

Personalized Health Benefits 

One of the best employee benefits that show your company is inclusive is offering personalized health benefits based on employee needs and factoring in their current health needs. This shows that you’re welcoming, willing to provide the aid they need and care about your employees despite their health issues.

Max Wesman, Chief Operating Officer, GoodHire

Generous PTO Policies 

I believe implementing robust paid time off (PTO) policies is a critical inclusive benefit that promotes work-life balance and overall well-being among employees. By providing sufficient paid time off, businesses acknowledge the significance of rest, relaxation, and personal time for their employees, thereby promoting a healthy and inclusive workplace. 

Generous PTO policies promote inclusion by acknowledging and supporting employees’ different personal and familial responsibilities. Employees can take time off for vacation, personal days, or family events without compromising their salary or fearing unfavorable consequences under these rules. 

It gives employees the flexibility and freedom to attend to their personal needs, which is especially beneficial for those with caregiving duties or who are in unusual circumstances.

Bruce Mohr, Vice-president, Fair Credit

Employee Assistance Programs

Man and woman in a meeting; image by Charles, via
Image by Charles, via

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are confidential counseling and support services provided by businesses to employees to assist them in dealing with personal or work-related issues. 

Professional counselors, mental health resources, and referral services are often available through EAPs. Businesses, in my opinion, prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of their employees by providing EAPs, thus establishing an inclusive and friendly work environment.

EAPs are critical for encouraging diversity since they address employees’ different mental health issues. Mental health issues can impact everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. EAPs assist employees in overcoming barriers and seeking the assistance they require by providing accessible and discreet support. This benefit is especially important in decreasing the stigma associated with mental health and fostering open dialogues about well-being.

Tiffany Hafler, Marketing Coordinator, Blockchain Lawyer

Mental Health Awareness

This is one of the benefits that has not only been retaining employees, but attracting new ones as well. 

As the importance of creating awareness of mental health increases, so does the role it plays. Specific benefits like recognizing patterns of exclusion, and discrimination, help affected employees. They feel they are not just heard within the organization, but effective actions are taken to ensure their safety under the benefits. 

This is especially helpful if you have a diverse workforce or even a cross-generational one. There is a chance that for your employees to team up, you need to ensure they are willing. With a healthy state of mind, they would be. So, it’s best to provide these options in place for them to choose.

Marco Andolfatto, Chief Underwriting Officer, Apollo Cover

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