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6 Small Technology Changes to Improve Our Lifestyle

— November 11, 2020

Google, as well as Microsoft, are known to have come up with excellent applications that allow for authentication. Take a look online and find one that best suits your needs.

The importance of technology in making our everyday life easier is reiterated to us quite often. Technology helps us with not only management systems that have complex programming but also regular, simple tasks such as calculation!

Everyday technology changes rapidly and adapts to what most people utilize it to perform. This makes life a lot easier. One comes to realize that in recent times the progress and development of technology have allowed us to lead much more comfortable lives.

For example, the internet gives us access to a huge amount of information – whether it be regarding news, entertainment, health care, and education. 

Another very prominent example is Plagiarism Checkers. They are a highly effective way to proofread your essays, dissertations, or any other written work. These checkers look out for any instances that could potentially be flag the write up as plagiarized by a marker. Software that checks plagiarism is available readily for students to use online, especially those who consider their academics as a priority and refuse to let errors get in the way. 

The principle of plagiarism detectors is based on finding and identifying matter/content similarity matches. The software is known to crawl through content and scour for bits and pieces of an “original” text in comparison to the one that is getting checked. 

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We are informed time and again to back up our data but most often we forget to do so. Avoiding backing up can lead to unforeseen circumstances such as complete loss of data due to some catastrophic error that makes our data unavailable. Another situation that may arise is that you are unable to access the data that you backed up several months ago – which is a reminder that you need to update and check your data frequently.

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Cloud backup then comes to your rescue. It can capture everything that you would like to be stored to look at later without consuming real estate on your device.

It is quite easy to set up on your phones so that every picture in your gallery automatically gets backed up – cloud software such as G Photos, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.

On the other hand, if you would like to install cloud software on your personal computers, you can opt for Microsoft OneDrive – a wizard under Manage Backup will help you configure it. You can save the files to Documents, Desktop, and Pictures folders, which then get automatically backed up. 


Using passwords that are easy to guess is a surefire way of inviting hackers into your account, not to mention – sensitive data. Another common mistake is reusing the same password across different websites and platforms. Regardless of how strong your password is, it is never a good idea to use the same password across different platforms as it only makes it easier for a hacker to access all your information.

 There are several ways to generate strong passwords online, if you aren’t satisfied with what they give you you can tweak it to suit your needs – to help you figure out something that you can remember. 

The issue that arises afterward is the storage of your passwords – you can use a password manager that is heavily encrypted, all you can look online for other resources. 


If your information gets stolen irrespective of your efforts with strong passwords, you may consider enabling multi-factor authentication – also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA. 

You should especially keep this in mind for banking accounts, email IDs, or any other websites that hold important information. As a matter of fact, if an online service doesn’t seem to provide to option of two-factor authentication, you should be vigilant and enquire why.

Google, as well as Microsoft, are known to have come up with excellent applications that allow for authentication. Take a look online and find one that best suits your needs.


Manually getting inside your computer and tweaking parts of it may have been the norm back then. Some people believe and insist on the fact that with a few registry edits, they can make their systems a lot faster than before.

But when you dive deeper into these so-called adjustments, you will come to find out that none of them actually provide any substantial results that benefit the system. As a matter of fact, these tweaks may even sap on the battery strength and hamper the performance of your system. 

If you want a faster computer, you can be smart and replace your hard disk with an SSD – also known as Solid State Drive.


Experts argue that the best way to preserve energy is by preventing the updating of new software – and that the software that your system has been running on for the past couple of years is best-suited for all required functions. 

But you will also come across software that is seen to continuously be updated automatically and the minor side effects that accompany them are resolved within a week at the maximum. 

If you would like to believe the naysayers and wait until your bugs get the best of your system’s performance, you may do so. But know that newer software updates are only fashioned to make your lives easier!


Again, the installation of third-party software has basically become a thing of the past. It was the norm to have antivirus software on your system to help protect it from threats online around a decade or two ago. But as of today, windows defender – which comes along with every installation of the Windows 10 operating system – does the trick well enough.

The reason why third-party antivirus software is created these days is so that personal computer manufacturers are able to obtain a sizable profit by preinstalling software like these on the systems.

Sometimes, third party software or also known to block and update or isolate assistant file that is crucial the function of a system. you can save some bucks just by getting rid of such unnecessary software. 

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