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6 Ways to Reward Productive Employees

— December 6, 2022

Employee satisfaction must be achieved through a personalized approach that addresses and tackles the needs of employees.

It is a known fact that employees are the most valuable resource that companies have. No matter the product or service offered, it is the employees who make it all happen. That is precisely why it is essential that companies treat their employees and ensure them of the value that they bring to the workplace. So, the question rises. How can companies administer well-deserved appreciation to their productive employees?

Understanding the importance of employee satisfaction

As mentioned previously, employees are the most valuable asset that a company can have. As such, offering satisfaction to employees in the workplace is crucial since it ensures their dedication to their position and the company. Such a goal can be achieved in a number of ways. Starting off with the basics, employee plans provide a qualitative pathway for implementing employee satisfaction. This is why numerous companies have begun to include their employees in stock options and retirement plans. In addition to such plans, offering joint activity opportunities such as company retreats, vacations, and gatherings provides a structured framework to emphasize company-wide equality. 

Paying attention to employee needs

Oftentimes, simply providing joint activities and plans is not sufficient to satisfy employees. This is due to each employee having specific needs and wants that must be addressed. Thus, directly asking employees about the workplace aspects that they may deem as aspects that need improvement is of high importance. Hence, regular team meetings that directly tackle the issue of employee satisfaction could be of significant value for the overall topic. It must be noted that such employee requests could fall on various layers of a complexity spectrum, which is why this issue must be addressed with an enhanced level of seriousness.  

Personalization is an important factor in employee satisfaction.  

Going into proven methods and ways of offering employee satisfaction, personalizing is a focal component of this issue. In a company setting, it is the managers that communicate and engage with employees on a day-to-day basis. As such, for managers, knowing employees on a deeper level is incredibly valuable. Doing so, allows managers to better understand their team’s needs, traits, and tendencies on an individual level for each respective employee. As a result, managers become capable of having a personalized way of communicating and understanding each team member.

Proven ways to offer employee satisfaction

Numerous companies have begun to pay special attention to the overall satisfaction of their employees and draw specific plans to address the topic accordingly. Thus, multiple organizations have drawn the conclusion that such a goal is achieved by implementing the following:

  • Sufficient time off – many companies have begun to offer 6 weeks of paid vacation leave to their employees while others have also begun to offer unlimited paid leave. 
  • Paid training – for employees that want to advance higher in their workplace offering training is a great way of increasing their level of dedication, which later on results in satisfaction upon their promotion in the future. 
  • Travel Subsidy – oftentimes employees travel long distances to get to work, and this is why many companies have begun to offer travel plans to their employees. 
  • Occasional presents – from time to time, offering presents such as gift cards, bonuses, and gift baskets on occasions such as end-of-the-year holidays is a proven way of offering satisfaction.

Gifts and personalized gestures of appreciation

Team doing a hands-in huddle; image by Perry Grone, via
Image by Perry Grone, via

Seniority and dedication to the company are highly valuable to employers. The longer one is part of an organization, the more the level of appreciation is increased. Certain events require higher levels of acknowledgment. Thus, for senior employees, companies typically offer special gifts such as Swiss-made watches or make them partners to the company. Doing so ensures other employees that their dedication will be met with appreciation and advancement.

Key takeaways 

Seemingly, an all-encompassing approach at times is not sufficient to satisfy employee needs. Consequently, employee satisfaction must be achieved through a personalized approach that addresses and tackles the needs of employees. As mentioned previously, this goal is achieved through a detailed framework, which solidifies a company’s appreciation for its employees by following a specific plan to ensure their satisfaction and contentment. 

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