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7 Cases Best Handled by a Litigation Lawyer

— July 22, 2022

Hiring a litigation attorney increases the chances of a successful outcome.

When two or more parties have a legal dispute, it can be impossible to solve the issue without the assistance of a litigation attorney. Coming to an agreement is not easy; this is where an expert in litigation comes in. 

With different types of lawyers to choose from, knowing which one to hire can sometimes be complicated. Thankfully, litigation attorneys have exceptionally diverse knowledge and experience in handling different types of cases as follows: 

  1. Business Disputes

Many business relationships involve contracts and other written agreements. However, sometimes the parties in such a relationship may have disagreeing points. Business disputes can arise over fraud, misappropriation of funds, or breaches of contracts. Regardless of the type of business dispute, it is crucial to hire a litigation lawyer. 

A litigation lawyer can help you resolve the situation without going to court, and their knowledge and patience will help you navigate the most stressful and difficult moments. The most successful business litigation lawyers know how to diffuse the situation and keep the conflict calm and professional throughout. You can visit this website to find a legal professional to help you with your business disputes.

  1. Personal Injury Lawsuits

A litigation lawyer also specializes in handling personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury cases are not always as straightforward as they seem. Many factors complicate personal injury lawsuits, as injuries may appear minor during the accident but become severe later on. Additionally, many people suffer from chronic injuries that require extensive medical treatment. The problem worsens if they have not properly documented their injuries.

An experienced personal injury litigation lawyer can help you understand your case in detail. 

  1. Real Estate Litigation

A real estate litigation lawyer handles disputes involving the sale of a home or commercial property. Typically, such disputes are on issues relating to title, survey, and local regulations. 

A litigation lawyer can handle a variety of disputes involving real estate, including breach of contract, zoning issues, trespass on property, and construction projects on neighboring properties. Litigation attorneys have extensive experience handling such disputes and can advise you on the best course of action. 

  1. Labor and Employment Cases

A litigation lawyer also specializes in employment-related cases. These cases can range from small claims involving unfair labor practices to large class-action lawsuits involving the alleged violations of employment laws. A litigation lawyer is well versed in all aspects of the employment-related process and can guide you through complicated legal proceedings.

Labor and employment disputes usually arise between the employees or former employees and their company. For example, former employees may file a claim against their employer for sudden termination without clear reasons. It could also be a current employee claiming their company’s negligence caused their injury. Employment discrimination also falls into this category. 

Regardless of the problem, a litigation attorney is willing to listen to both sides to find a fair and just resolution for the legal issue. 

  1. Divorce

In many cases, divorce litigators work to resolve issues that cannot be agreed upon by the two parties. These issues may range from spousal support to the division of property.

Prenuptial agreements made before the marriage may become problematic during the divorce process. If the parties cannot agree on some terms, they may need to hire a litigation lawyer who specializes in divorce. These lawyers understand the emotional needs of their clients and can help them decide what is best for their situation.

  1. Landlord-Tenant Disputes

    DOJ Settles Landlord Sexual Harassment Case in San Diego
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A landlord-tenant dispute may arise from several different issues. In some instances, tenants can resolve the problem themselves, but in others, the landlord may be unwilling to do so until after they’ve hired a litigation lawyer. 

This is the case with broken lease agreements, eviction actions, and various problems related to maintenance and repairs. Depending on the circumstances, a landlord-tenant dispute can be complex and expensive. In these cases, a litigation attorney can help the tenant pursue a resolution and avert further costs.

  1. Product Liability Cases

A product liability lawsuit is a form of legal action where a person or company is liable for injuries caused by a defective product. This includes anyone involved in the design, marketing, and manufacturing of the product. These cases may also involve the retailer, who advertises and sells the product and, thus, carries an implied duty of care to the public to ensure the product is safe. 

A litigation attorney will know the appropriate course of action to pursue a product liability case and determine the damages made by the defendant.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a litigation attorney increases the chances of a successful outcome. These attorneys are skilled in their respective fields and specialize in helping clients avoid self-incrimination. Ultimately, hiring a litigation lawyer will make your case go smoothly.

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