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7 Marketing Tips for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

— March 26, 2020

Social media presence for your personal injury law firm is going to give a boost to your client conversions and brand awareness. Social media engagement is vital to increase your business.

Just like any other business, your personal injury law firm also needs to show its presence online. When someone wants to look for a personal injury law firm, the first thing they do is search online. When a person finds your website online, they see your organization as meaningful and legitimate. For your organization to reach its full potential and reach new clients, it must make use of the tools and technologies of marketing. The marketing of law firms is not difficult or expensive. Let’s have a look at the seven creative marketing tips that will help your personal injury law firm in accomplishing your goals.

1. Blogging

Business blogging is critical to maintaining your organization’s online presence. It helps in improving the ranking of your website by creating indexed pages. Blogging makes your website stand out from that of your competitors. You can write blogs on how your clients will benefit by hiring you or how you are different from your competitors. You can also write about frequently asked client queries, your practice areas, or any relevant subject. It helps in reaching your target audience and increases your business. Make sure that you post regularly to maintain your firm’s exposure and digital presence. Infographics are quite trendy these days.

2. Promote locally

People, when they search for a lawyer online, search all over the internet, but people mostly want to hire local lawyers. To beat your local legal service providers and law firms, you must optimize the microsites and websites. Search for local keywords and use them in your blogs for local SEO.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization is the process of enhancing the performance of your website regularly to meet your business goals. Your business goal can be to increase clients, more leads, or lessen unhappy calls. With the help of search engine optimization, you can reach any of these goals. It is a smart move for a higher conversion rate. You can start by first having a neat and easy home page with relevant information. It should have user-friendly navigation, and the loading speed must be quick. Most legal websites have a similar theme with similar pieces of information. Make your website stand out by optimizing the pages, search engine rankings, website design, and navigation. Choose keywords that are mostly searched by your potential clients and use them in your blogs. Apprehend questions that a client must be having and provide answers to them beforehand through blogs. It also increases the chances of client conversion.

4. Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter icons together on a smartphone screen; image by LoboStudioHamburg, via
Facebook and Twitter icons together on a smartphone screen; image by LoboStudioHamburg, via

Social media presence for your personal injury law firm is going to give a boost to your client conversions and brand awareness. Social media engagement is vital to increase your business. The blogs you update on your website, share that on your various social media channels. It also helps in increasing the engagement from new clients and existing clients. The popular social media channels include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. Just like regular updates of blogs on the website, it is crucial to put two – three posts on all social media channels every day. Make your posts engaging, creative, and fun for people to get your audience hooked into it. Do not always talk only about your brand, but instead, you can share a fun quiz or trivia posts. You can also upload short one-minute informational videos. Through videos, you can answer frequently asked questions. Please do not make it too graphic heavy, as it can spoil the simplicity of the video.

5. Content Offers

The purpose of having a website is to welcome people into your world. And, the only way people can give their contact information willingly is by offering them something of high value. Content offer is the basis of inbound marketing that captures visitors, converts them into prospects, and then into sales possibilities. The information shared in content offers is more valuable and is not available anywhere else. A few examples of content offers are how-to guides, step by step instructions, or explaining any complicated legal knowledge in layman’s terms.

6. Microsites

Just like how essential website optimization is, creating microsites helps in reaching more customers. Microsites are a small cluster of web pages or an individual web page that functions as a different entity within an actual website. This microsite has backlinks to your original site. You can use this to promote detailed information about a service or product. You can use microsites to increase the ranking for specific practice areas or for reaching clients from particular locations.

7. Digital Ads

If you have applied the marketing tips as mentioned above to your personal injury law firm portfolio, but are looking for more growth and revenue, then you must invest in digital ads. It is a technique of using internet technology to promote advertisements to consumers. Digital ads include Pay-Per-Click ads, paid search advertisements, banner ads, and affiliate programs. When you spend more, your chances of getting positive results also increase. But, the good news is you can set your expenditure as per your budget.


The above are the top seven marketing tips for every personal injury law firm. Apart from these, you can also organize small local events to spread awareness among people. You can talk on specific topics that you think everyone must be aware of. Building a local community of people helps in increasing your network and gives you new opportunities. You can also join a service club. But, make sure that any club you get involved in has similar core values as your organization. Also, sometimes it can be very tedious to update blogs and social media channels every day. In that case, you can hire a marketing professional who will help you with your promotions.

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