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7 Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident

— March 25, 2022

By returning to work too early or failing to follow doctors’ orders, you may slow down the healing process and possibly even upset the claims process.

Most people never imagine that they’ll end up involved in an accident on a construction site. As a result, they may not know what to do if it happens to them, along with where to turn for help. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you may be surprised at how straightforward it can be to get the help you need. You may just need to follow some of the steps below: 

Seek Medical Attention

Even before you contact local Pittsburgh injury attorneys Chaffin Luhana, LLP for legal help, you first need to seek medical attention. Injuries that only seem minor or superficial may be much more severe, and medical experts can provide the necessary care to ensure you’re on the road to recovery before long. They can also begin forming a detailed medical history that outlines the care you have received and the costs associated with it. 

Depending on the construction company you work for, you may have doctors on-site to help, or you can contact emergency services. Some companies may also provide medical coverage and compensation while you’re recovering from your injuries.   

Tell Your Employer

If your employer didn’t see your accident happen, they might not be aware that it did or understand the situation surrounding it. Contact your employer as soon as possible to report your accident. The sooner you do so, the sooner you may be able to make a workers’ compensation claim. 

Record Your Accident Information

Construction worker on girders; image by dimitrisvetsikas1969, via
Construction worker on girders; image by dimitrisvetsikas1969, via

Your construction accident might be straightforward, but it’s easy for information to be lost, misconstrued, or not backed up with evidence. As soon as you’re in a position to do so, write a detailed report of what happened and outline your specific injuries. 

Talk to other people who may have witnessed your accident and who may be able to testify to the events. It can also be important to gather further evidence like health reports, scene pictures, and CCTV footage. If you’re unsure how to navigate the accident recording process, contact reputable injury attorneys to assist. 

Make a Construction Accident Injury Claim

Construction accidents can be painful, but they can also be costly. You might need to take time off work, attend appointments, pay for medical care, and even alter your home to allow for extra comfort. These can all come at a cost. 

When you align yourself with personal injury attorneys, you may be able to make a construction injury claim to be adequately compensated for your workplace injuries. 

Attorneys can factor many things into the settlement figure, including medical expenses, time off work, pain and suffering, and a loss of future income. They can also assist with both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim, depending on whether a third party contributed to or was involved in your accident. 

Report the Accident to OSHA

You or your employer may be required to report your accident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If your accident resulted in the loss of an eye, an amputation, hospitalization, or death, it needs to be reported to OSHA within eight hours. Reporting options are available through the OSHA website or by phoning the organization directly. 

Recover from Your Injuries

There can be a lot to do in the wake of a construction accident. You have to gather evidence to support your story and juggle your finances to ensure you’re able to take time off work. However, rest and recovery are a huge part of navigating a construction site accident, so it can be worth relying on legal help to manage your case’s complexities so that you can focus on getting better. 

By returning to work too early or failing to follow doctors’ orders, you may slow down the healing process and possibly even upset the claims process. Undertake the recommended exercises your doctor provides, attend specialist appointments, and refrain from doing any tasks that may impact your healing. 

Return to Work

Depending on the injuries you sustained in your construction accident, returning to work may be a slow, multi-step process. You may need a set number of days off work, followed by light duties once approved by a healthcare professional. Some people may even be required to change their role within their business, especially with long-term or permanent injuries. Only return to work when your doctor has given you the all-clear and with modified duties agreed by you and your employer. 

No one expects to be involved in a workplace accident, but they happen more often than people realize. However, by being aware of your entitlements and obligations and seeking legal help, you may be able to navigate the construction accident process with far more confidence and less stress than you thought possible.

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