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8 Best Legal Marijuana Tours to Take in LA

— April 9, 2020

Being one of the favorite tourist places, LA offers several special tours that can help you to learn a lot about the area, though this very growth of the tourism industry in LA is now offering special marijuana tours, too.

Rising trends often collide at some point to improve the overall experience. Something like this is happening right now, as the two most fascinating courses, together, are becoming a huge deal. Traveling and marijuana are the two intriguing subjects that people of Los Angeles are obsessing over, and they have all the reasons to do so!

Being one of the favorite tourist places, LA offers several special tours that can help you to learn a lot about the area, though this very growth of the tourism industry in LA is now offering special marijuana tours, too. Los Angeles recently legalized marijuana and aspires to provide a thorough knowledge of this herb to the people. Here people are free to take special marijuana tours to understand marijuana, its uses, and cultivation. In case you too, are interested in getting to know your weed well, the following are the eight best legal marijuana tours that you can take in LA.

  1. LA Hemp Tours

LA Hemp Tour offers privately-owned party buses that can take you on a relaxing yet extremely informative marijuana tour around the greater Los Angeles area. The tour provides a trip to local cultivation farms to greenhouses that show you the high-quality pot-growing facilities. One can even get to explore the recreational and medical dispensaries around the area, where you can buy your favorite weed strains legally with high-discount rates. The tour also stops at various breweries so you can enjoy drinking and smoking your favorite weed at the same time.

  1. Green Tours

Green tours offer one of the most excellent marijuana touring options for weed enthusiasts. It provides you with a variety of tours that you may choose according to your interests. From taking you to the manufacturing facilities, to introducing you to marijuana cultivation techniques, this tour offers much more than that. The tour will also take you to various legal dispensaries to purchase high-quality buds, edibles, topicals, or your preferred marijuana products. Nascent marijuana users can experience a knowledgeable tour with a detailed demonstration to improve their weed usage. You can buy outdoor marijuana seeds online there without having to worry about legality.

  1. Med Tours

Med tours LA is perceived to be one of the best marijuana touring services to explore the marijuana scene in Los Angeles. The tour offers a reliable and stress-free experience of comprehending the pot-culture in LA legally where you can enjoy both medical and recreational marijuana thoroughly. The trip can lead you to the best dispensaries in town, offering award-winning concentrates, edibles, strains, and so much more. Take on a ride on Med tours to experience a mood-enhancing marijuana tour.

  1. Greenline trips

Are you looking for a fun experience that is equally informative and enjoyable? Greenline trips might be the one you are seeking. Greenline offers several trips and a cannabis-friendly vehicle that allows you to enjoy your newly purchased strains on the bus itself. The vehicle has everything you would want to enjoy your smoking session, such as dance, music, and mood lighting, to improve your overall marijuana tour. You can also choose the cannabis cultivation trip if understanding the weed-growing culture is a better option for you than enjoying it on the ride.

  1. Weedology Tours

Weedology tours offer an informative insight into the rising legal marijuana industry in Los Angeles. Weedology tours has curated several tours that you might just hop onto according to your interests. All of the tours are safe and informative, while a few emphasize providing you with a fun time, too. The tour also provides you with the knowledge to use marijuana strains in different ways, for instance, with edibles, topicals, or massage.

Profile view of man smoking in purple light; image by GRAS GRÜN, via
Profile view of man smoking in purple light; image by GRAS GRÜN, via
  1. Weed Bus LA

Weed Bus LA has now become the ultimate marijuana tour offering service that allows highly-informative sessions to pot-cultivation facilities and dispensaries. The best part about Weed Bus is that it offers tours seven days a week, so you can easily choose the best day at your convenience. The scenic drive to premium cannabis dispensaries and facilities will allow you to have a great time enjoying and watching the greens around you. The luxury bus will ensure comfort so you can make the most out of your marijuana tour.

  1. Dope Tour

Unlike other touring services, the Dope tour offers private marijuana touring services, which can improve your weed touring experience manifold times. Touring with larger groups reduces your chance of comprehending the cannabis scene a lot due to packed time, whereas private tours won’t make you feel rushed. It might seem a little pricier than the group touring options, but the personalized experience makes each penny worth it. The Weed tour van is well-equipped with snacks and weed to make sure you do not miss out on anything even while traveling to reach the destination.

  1. WeedBuzz Tours

Weedbuzz offers a fun variety of tours to experience the wonderful legal marijuana scene in Los Angeles. It provides the best 420 touring experience that you can have around the area, capturing both the former and current marijuana culture in LA. 

Touring around Los Angeles to understand the marijuana culture legally is an entertaining activity that you can experience alone or with your friends. Instead of doing it on your own, choose from the above-mentioned touring services. So, the next time you wish to experience a fun legal marijuana tour, make sure to hop onto a weed tour bus to make the most out of it!

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