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9 Common Mistakes People Make after Car Accidents

— February 25, 2022

One of the biggest mistakes that people make after meeting a car accident is ignoring their emotional problems.

When a car accident happens, it is understandable that people go through the stages of grief almost immediately. The crime scene will elicit anger and sadness at the same time, and make you wish you could get justice for what had befallen innocent victims. Unfortunately, this is not always possible as accidents can happen unpredictably and it is often impossible to know who created the accident or when they occurred. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, try these tips to help you process after your car accident:

1) First things first – for any damage caused by the crash, file a claim with your insurance company no later than 24 hours after it happens so that they can move ahead with repairing your vehicle.

2) Maintain your composure. Don’t feel bad when you are upset that you have to file a claim with your insurance company after the accident.

3) Contact an attorney right away. Ideally, you should speak with an attorney immediately after the accident so that they can work on getting all of your medical bills taken care of as soon as possible. This is often a very important step because certain medical expenses can take a surprisingly long time to receive reimbursement for even if the victim was not at fault in the accident.

4) Get your data from the police report as soon as possible so that things can proceed without delay in terms of receiving compensation for your losses.

5) Begin paying your adjuster. You are likely to have to pay a portion of the cost for repairs for your vehicle as well as other related expenses.

6) Talk to specialists about your case. After all, you are likely to have more than one claim for compensation for damages and you will need assistance in deciding which claim could be heard more favorably (like a slip and fall case vs. a dog bite case, for example).

7) If you live in a state that has laws limiting the amount of time an attorney can represent you after an accident, talk to your attorney about what steps they can take so that they can still meet their ethical responsibility to you and still do some good work on your behalf.

8) If your vehicle has been written off, learn how to get compensation for the price of a new car. This is important because you have no financial responsibility for your vehicle and thus no liability to pick up the tab.

9) Get recommendations from people that you trust about attorneys that have handled similar cases. You should not choose just because your attorney recommended them, but you can ask for advice if they seem like a good match for you and your case.

10) Consider using an attorney whose specialty is representing victims of car accidents, especially if the accident was not their fault and they did not set it in motion in any way.

9 Common Mistakes after Car Accidents

Car accidents can leave you out of ideas but keeping your nerves together after a car accident is a real challenge. Let’s have a detailed look at these common mistakes that people make after meeting a car accident:

1) Not contacting an attorney right away

Your car accident lawyer is the best bet to keep you safe from legal and financial trouble after a car accident. If you hire a car accident lawyer, he/she will work to get compensation for your injuries. But if you fail to contact a car accident lawyer immediately after an accident, your chances of getting compensation will be greatly diminished.

2) Not filing a claim with your insurance company immediately

The sooner you file an insurance claim for the financial damages caused by an accident, the better it is for you as well as your insurer. Never give up on your claim and always keep on trying for getting any driver responsible for the accident financially liable for his/her actions.

3) Feeling like it was your fault for the accident

Feelings and emotions related to a car accident are not always easy to handle. Get better after your car accident by taking good care of you and seeking help from family and friends at times of need.

4) Waiting to get your medical bills paid back by insurance or even worst, paying them out of pocket and never sending the bill to their insurance company

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is cheap compared with legal fees. But if the insurer doesn’t pay the medical bills immediately, you may end up paying a lot more later on when they start charging interest on the bills.

5) Focusing on the financial cost of repairs instead of your physical recovery

Don’t let a car accident alter your life because you have to pay for it. Even if you cannot afford the cost of repairing your car or replacing it, remember that many insurers are willing to help you out with this.

6) Ignoring the emotional toll that has been placed on you after a car accident and not seeking counseling if possible

One of the biggest mistakes that people make after meeting a car accident is ignoring their emotional problems. Continue to feel bad about yourself even though nothing happened to you.

7) Not getting a copy of the police report or taking some time to read it over, especially if any citations were given by police at the time.

Police officer leaning in window of car after accident; image by Matt Chesin, via
Image by Matt Chesin, via

Reading over the police report is important because reading it may help you figure out who was at fault and work on making a decision about what type of settlement you want.

8) Only hiring an attorney who is available already or not considering other options

It’s best that you get a lawyer before your car accident if you have been hurt in one anyway if your car accident lawyer has offered to take care of things on your behalf.

9) Not asking your car accident lawyer about your next steps

If you have been in an accident, make sure you ask your car accident lawyer about the next steps that need to be taken.


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