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Affordable Marketing Tips for Small Businesses from Hani Zeini

— May 19, 2021

Express your gratitude towards customers by sending ‘Thank You’ cards or organizing a special thanksgiving event that bonds them closely with your business and brand. 

Small businesses usually face funding problems and divert most of the funds for maintaining the essential business operations that do not leave any room for creating a marketing setup. One must remember that it is not always necessary to spend lots of money creating marketing set up. Many marketing ideas are so much innovative that their implementation is quite affordable. Effective marketing is all about good customer engagement. The more creatively you can think about engaging with customers, the easier it will be to market your products without creating elaborate marketing set up. Make the best use of your public relations skills to make your marketing activities more effective. Start thinking about non-conventional ways of engaging with customers that can be pretty affordable, too, so that you can use them effectively for achieving your business goals. 

Hani Zeini advises to get personal

Make your customers feel special and happy with some special treatment. Demonstrate how much you care for your customers by offering them some personal incentives. Such actions will bring customers closer to the brand, and the special treatment will generate a feeling of gratitude that they would like to reciprocate by choosing your brand over others. Add some personal touch to the communication with targeted customers to understand how much importance you attach to it. Inscribing the customer name on some products like apparels or coffee mugs or caps will add the much needed personal touch to the campaign.

Enhance customer engagement

As more and more people are using social media, take advantage by taking your business to social media to gain more visibility and become easily shareable. Create campaigns that generate instant customer engagement. Increase your social reach by making use of photo ops that cost almost nothing. Planning a selfie campaign will boost the rate of posting and sharing. According to Hani Zeini, draw people’s attention to your hashtag and encourage them to use it in exchange for some reward or prize whenever they tag it in their business posts.

Create a loyalty program

Image by Jon Tyson, via
Image by Jon Tyson, via

Preventing your customer base’s erosion should be one of your top marketing agendas because the more you can hold on to your customer base, the better it will be for generating repeat business. To attract a sizable section of target customers, introduce a loyalty program introducing loyalty cards with wide acceptance among the Gen Z customers. You can either create a membership card to launch your loyalty program or offer a primary punch card that rewards customers based on their spending or the number of store visits.

Appreciate your customers expressively

Creating customer loyalty depends not only on building brand awareness but also on expressing your thanks for customers go a long way to turn customers loyal. Public appreciation of customers would make them feel obliged, and they would reciprocate the goodwill gesture by showing their loyalty to the brand.

Express your gratitude towards customers by sending ‘Thank You’ cards or organizing a special thanksgiving event that bonds them closely with your business and brand. 

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