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Answering Common Criminal Defense Inquiries

— January 25, 2022

Receiving a felony conviction on one’s record can result in significant consequences that last for a long time.

Individuals who are being held to account for a criminal allegation should never rely solely on the advice of their relatives and their friends regarding their case. Though their loved ones obviously mean to give the best advice, they are usually not well-versed in the law, and this can lead to a person making detrimental mistakes that can be used against them later on.

Any statement that a person gives to the police or the opposing party at the beginning of their case can be used against them and normally will contain some phrases that can be used to support the guilt of the individual. Statements that we may see as wise, can actually turn out to be major mistakes that make it hard for a person to prove that they are innocent.

Anyone who is unsure of their legal rights should get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney understands what the police will be looking for and they will guide a person to say what serves their best interest, without any lying involved. What often happens is that a person forgets to include vital information in their initial statement. A lawyer can remind a person what fact must be mentioned so the police have everything on record, and so it becomes easier to prove the truth.

Steps to take when the police call a person in for a statement in Fort Myers, Florida

Prison bars. Image via MaxPixel/Public Domain.

In the condition that the police launch an investigation, and they ask a person to come in for a statement, a person should understand they have rights and call their lawyer first. Consulting with an attorney will decrease the chances of a person making an error when they give their statement. It is important to note that if the police are investigating a person, this means that they will be looking for enough evidence to land an arrest, so individuals have to be extra careful with what they say.

Receiving a felony conviction on one’s record can result in significant consequences that last for a long time, and it can be hard to get away from the social repercussions of having a criminal record. If a person is innocent, they should never have to face such serious charges and every action should be taken to prevent the harm from taking place.

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