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Are Wines Really Good for Your Health?

— September 18, 2019

A glass (or two) a day may keep doctors away. The antioxidant property of wine is beneficial for health.

Health is wealth. It’s a common cliche we hear anywhere. Health and wellness should come as our main priority to promote a longer life. An individual who has excellent health will have the ability to perform his or her tasks efficiently. Good health isn’t only about having well-rounded physical aesthetics. You also need to make sure that your psychological and emotional state is in good condition. 

Achieving a healthy body is not difficult. You only need to get rid of bad habits and live healthily. It means that you need to get away with harmful vices such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. You should supply your body with the right amount of food and, at the same time, take regular exercise.

Some say that other than eating nutritious foods and taking regular exercise, there are other means of achieving a healthy mind and body. Drinking wine is supposed to release natural antioxidants, which helps the body in fighting fatal diseases. It is also said that wine serves as an antidepressant that heals every stress and anxiety we feel due to long hours of work. 

Wines belong to the family of alcoholic drinks. Alcohols are toxic and can lead to different serious health problems. Are wines healthy? Does the debate continue regarding how healthy wines can come? Many health professionals recommend drinking wines to promote longer life. In this article, we will uncover some facts to answer your confusion as to why wines are good for one’s health. 

A good glass of wine which helps to maintain a healthy body, can sometimes be subjective. Each one of us follows a healthy diet. A single person’s definition of being healthy might come differently from another’s. However, there is a better way of meeting halfway. There are some existing basic rules based on medical research and study on how far you can drink wines to define it still as healthy. Here are some things you need to know where wine consumption connects to healthy living.

People toasting each other with glasses of red wine; image by Kelsey Knight, via
People toasting each other with glasses of red wine; image by Kelsey Knight, via

Alcohol Content 

Alcoholic beverages, in general, are not suitable for one’s health. On the other hand, our body can benefit from it to maintain regular blood circulation. It is crucial that you know the alcohol content of each wine you take. The alcohol content measures the ability of the drink on the way it affects our health.

A fine wine should contain alcohol below 5%. You can see this when you get the chance to buy wines which are made organically. These are also found in some exclusively made wines from unique grape varietals such as Italian tuscany wines. Make sure that you only consume wines with a low alcohol content so it cannot fully affect your overall wellness in a negative manner.

The Daily Dosage 

Medical research says that wines may be healthy as long as they are consumed moderately. They contain natural antioxidants, which are proven to help our body fight against fatal diseases. Resveratrol is the antioxidant which is extracted naturally from grape skins and grapes. It is the main component that makes the wine healthy.

The daily dose of excellent wines also depends on your gender. Women should only take one glass a day, and men can consume up to two glasses. The dosage given is defined as moderate drinking. It is where you can take advantage of the full health benefits of wine. 

Wines And Diet 

In general, wines should come with a perfect diet plan to make sure that everything is well blended inside your body. Women also have a smaller caloric requirement. They also have lower alcohol dehydrogenase levels. This is a component found in the liver that breaks down the alcohol.

Wines also become healthier when they are paired with the Mediterranean diet. It means that you can achieve optimum health when you pair it with a vegan diet. Both the vegan meal and the modest wine provides natural nutrients in your body. It is the best way to maximize the overall health and wellness you wanted to get. 

Asking yourself again as to wines is healthy or not depends on you. The facts and reasons stated above should somehow open up your heart and mind that consuming moderate wine is right for your health. It is also essential that you research every wine usage, so you will have full knowledge about it. 

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