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Increasing University Student Employee Wages: Why and How

Universities across America are often seen as a hot bed for progressive and liberal ideas. With an increasing demand on the left for higher minimum wages it appears universities have turned a blind eye on student workers. The irony is universities seem to support liberalism so long as it does not involve increasing student payroll.

New Age Multi-Level Marketing or Old School Exploitation?

Multi-Level marketing has spread like wild fire across social media. The target market, young adults, are being enticed through the potential of large cash earnings with little to no education required before joining the programs. Through this article I will take an objective approach to these corporations in an attempt to shed light on whether

The Elephant in Our Cities: Urban Gentrification

One of the most disturbing trends not just in the American legal system but in our culture is the lack of priority we place on issues impacting the economically disadvantaged within our society. One example of this is seen in our media. Seldom does one hear about the terrorist attack that occurred in Africa on