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[Listen] Great Podcast on the GOP Plan for Obamacare

Click above to hear a great episode of one of my favorite programs, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, from WBUR in Boston. Here’s Tom Ashbrook’s teaser for the show: “The new GOP-led Congress has Obamacare in its sights — what’s ahead for American health care and the Affordable Care Act? The new Republican Congress, all sworn

Viagra and Melanoma: Further Discussion

Yesterday, I posted about the connection between Viagra and melanoma.  To recap, a few – but just a few – studies have shown that the risk for melanoma is about doubled by Viagra use, but because there aren’t too many such studies, it’s hard to say for sure what’s going on. Undeniably, there’s a correlation

Viagra Linked to Melanoma, Study Shows

This year, a team of medical researchers from Harvard Medical School published a study in JAMA that demonstrated men who used Viagra (sildenafil) were more than twice as likely to suffer melanoma as men who never used the drug. Here, we’ll discuss another article from Harvard University that raised concerns similar to those found in

How Immigration Can Help the US Economy

It’s funny how often people tend to read things supporting their own beliefs. Recently, I read one such pro-immigration article in The Economist about how migrant labor helps – not hurts – the US economy.  So often, right-wing politicians and pundits will pontificate on how immigrants take jobs from hard working Americans; some even proclaim

Power Morcellators: FDA Urges More Safety Information

On November 24th, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a news release suggesting that more safety information be added to the packaging of power morcellators, medical devices used in laparoscopic procedures (minimally-invasive surgeries) such as hysterectomy and myomectomy.  As hysterectomy is the second most common surgery undergone by women, safe medical devices for

IVC Filters: FDA Was Wary Four Years Back

Have you ever seen one of those metal head massagers, the ones with thin, spider-like metal legs that bend and flex to tickle your scalp?  That’s pretty much exactly how inferior vena cava filters look, except IVC filters are much smaller – they fit inside a vein, and are used to catch blood clots before

Tylenol MDL: Acetaminophen Linked to Serious Side Effects, Death

Last year, a Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) was created to consolidate lawsuits against McNeil PPC, Inc., the company that owns Johnson and Johnson, alleging that “over-the-counter (“OTC”) acetaminophen containing products that are [marketed] and sold under its TYLENOL® brand-name caused liver damage, including liver failure, even when taken as directed.” Currently, there are about 125 Tylenol

Defective Nissan Brakes: Class-Action Suit Settled

Today, Reuters reported that Nissan North America “agreed to reimburse customers between $20 and $800 each to resolve a lawsuit alleging that defects in certain vehicles caused brakes to fail suddenly, according to court papers.”  Fortunately, no deaths have as yet been attributed to these defective Nissan brakes. According to the Associated Press, “A judge

New DOJ Rules to Curb Racial Profiling

Today, the United States Department of Justice announced policies to curb racial profiling.  To be clear, these rules to curb racial profiling will largely not apply to local police forces.  Local police have come under fire following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri and the tragic death of Eric

US Education Reforms: New Push for “No Child Left Behind”

Last week, the Associated Press reported on a renewed push from congressional Republicans for an update to George W. Bush’s signature “No Child Left Behind” education policy.  Whether such education reforms remain politically feasible, even with Republican control of both the House and Senate, is yet to be seen. AP: “In 2013, a bill to