Ryan J. Farrick

Ryan Farrick is a freelance writer and small business advertising consultant based out of mid-Michigan. Passionate about international politics and world affairs, he’s an avid traveler with a keen interest in the connections between South Asia and the United States. Ryan studied neuroscience and has spent the last several years working as an operations manager in transportation logistics.

Former President Barack Obama Calls on Congress to Fight Back Against ACA Repeal

Former President Barack Obama publicly called on members of Congress to fight back against a Republican repeal and replacement of his signature Affordable Care Act. Since leaving office, Obama has, as a matter of policy, steered clear of political discourse. He has retained a neutral and even somewhat optimistic tone concerning the Trump administration. The

FedEx Settles Lawsuits Brought by Drivers for $224m

FedEx has settled a series of lawsuits brought against it by disgruntled drivers to the tune of $224 million. The litigation, initiated by FedEx drivers from 19 states, claims the company had under-compensated its over-the-road employees by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than full-time workers. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, the payments made

North Korea Detains American Citizen for ‘Hostile Acts’ Against the Regime

The government of North Korea announced on Saturday that it had detained an American citizen for ‘hostile acts’ against the regime. Reported by the secluded country’s state-run Korean Central News Agency, few details were released about the arrest of Kim Hak-song. Hak-song is described by the dictatorship as “a man who was doing business in

Family Members of San Bernardino Terror Attack Victims Sue Facebook, Google, Twitter

Relatives of the victims of the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack are suing several tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The lawsuit claims the trio of big businesses contributed to the attacks by allowing Islamic State propaganda to flourish and thrive. By providing platforms for fundamentalists, fighters, and their supporters to communicate and find