Sara is a credited freelance writer, editor, contributor, and essayist, as well as a novelist and poet with nearly twenty years of experience. A seasoned publishing professional, she's worked for newspapers, magazines and book publishers in content digitization, editorial, acquisitions and intellectual property. Sara has been an invited speaker at a Careers in Publishing & Authorship event at Michigan State University and a Reading and Writing Instructor at Sylvan Learning Center. She has an MBA degree with a concentration in Marketing and an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, graduating with a 4.2/4.0 GPA. She is also a member of Chi Sigma Iota and a 2020 recipient of the Donald D. Davis scholarship recognizing social responsibility. Sara is certified in children's book writing, HTML coding and social media marketing. Her fifth book, PTSD: Healing from the Inside Out, was released in September 2019 and is available on Amazon. You can find her others books there, too, including Narcissistic Abuse: A Survival Guide, released in December 2017.

Trespassing Drone Fair Game?

Senior U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell dismissed a lawsuit that sought damages against a property owner who shot down a hobbyist’s trespassing drone in 2015.

The Real Life ‘Watcher’ Torments Family

The Watcher movie has became a reality for one New Jersey family.  The family started to receive anonymous letters from the real life ‘Watcher’ almost immediately following the purchase of a new home.  Derek and Maria Broaddus filed a lawsuit against Westfield, their hometown, and have indicated they want to tear down their abode after the planning board rejected