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Avoid Boring Jobs: These Unusual Industries are Waiting for You

— June 8, 2021

Normal is boring and overrated, isn’t it? While many of us are dependent on the same, typical 9 to 5 jobs in usual offices, some of us often get bored of this routine. We’re looking for a change. A change that could let us feel different and unique. 

It might turn out to be a surprise, but there are many unusual jobs in some industries that you might not have heard about. These are unusual and unique ways of joining an industry that doesn’t align with the typical office work. Interested? Let’s jump right in.

Ethical hacker — Computing & IT

CS and IT people know hackers to be a mysterious force that can do creepy wonders from behind the curtains. While that’s true for many hackers, hacking is also a profession. A really well-paid profession. 

If you’re deeply indulged in the field of IT and CS and have a tasteful motivation for hacking, you might want to have a look at ethical hacking. As an ethical hacker, you’ll get paid to try to hack your employer’s accounts and website. Sounds interesting, right?

Ethical hackers work to find potential weak areas in a system. You’ll try to hack inside a system, find potential backdoors, and figure out weak links. This will allow your employer to take care of these weak spots before an actual, criminal hacker manages to break into their system. 

Personal shopper — Fashion design

Picking styles and choosing dresses are two of the most enjoyable aspects of fashion designing. Even the people who aren’t in this field are interested in shopping for new clothes. What if I could tell you about a job where you only have to pick styles and dresses for someone?

Clothing rack full of tops; image by Lauren Fleischmann, via
Clothing rack full of tops; image by Lauren Fleischmann, via

As a personal shopper, your job will be to look at a person and pick a style for them. Then, choose some clothing articles that will look the best on them. You’ll have all the freedom in the world to choose a style according to your will. 

Just when you think this couldn’t get any better; personal shoppers are paid an attractive amount of around $43,000 per year. 

Face feeler — Health & medicine

Yes. Face feeler is a thing. It might sound creepy — but it’s real — and it’s unusual. If you have a master’s degree in the field of health & medicine, you can get paid for touching and feeling a random person’s face in the name of science. 

Face feelers’ job is to check for the effects of medication on a person’s face. When a customer or patient gets their face moisturized, someone has to check if the product actually worked. And that “someone” is going to be you. 

Master grower — Cannabis

That’s right — growing cannabis is a profession now — and it’s legal. As many states have declared cannabis legal and it’s being used for various health purposes now, someone has to take the responsibility of growing marijuana. 

A master grower does exactly what it sounds like: takes care of growing fields of cannabis. Without cannabis, there’d be no cannabis industry. That’s why this job pays a handsome amount of $50,000 to $120,000 per year. 

If you’re planning to step into this industry as an entrepreneur, I advise you to partner up with a cannabis consulting firm, such as Argonaut Advisors. In addition to providing the necessary information, these firms also hook you up with financial help through cannabis financing. 

Paint drying watcher — Chemical engineering

Have you ever wondered if you could get paid for sitting idle and staring at something? Well, the chemical industry has a job that requires its employees to do exactly the same.

As a chemical drying watcher, you’ll sit down and stare at a freshly painted wall. You’ll observe how the wet painted wall dries out. From time to time, you’ll leave your chair and touch the wall to see the drying progress — and call it an “eventful day”. 

Final word 

Not everyone is a fan of traditional office jobs — some want something unusual. If you’re one of those adventurous freaks, trying out one of the above-mentioned areas could serve to be your best bet. 

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