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Babysitter Not Satisfied With Hourly Wage Robs Bank

— May 1, 2017

Babysitter Not Satisfied With Hourly Wage Robs Bank

Finding a good babysitter warrants doing a bit of background checking.  One family learned this the hard way when they decided to hire 29-year-old Rachel Einspahr, perhaps one of the worst babysitters in history.  Einspahr, evidently not satisfied with her hourly wage for babysitting, recently pleaded guilty to holding up a financial institution while in the company of the two children she was looking after at the time.  Einspahr claimed she committed the crime on May 13, 2016, to get the funds she needed to pay off a restitution deal in a prior theft.  

In the middle of the afternoon, around 4pm, officers received a call from Colorado East Bank and Trust, located at 399 West 4th Avenue in Severance, Colorado, indicating someone had just robbed them using the bank’s drive thru window.  The woman behind the wheel of a white Nissan SUV used the two children in the back as bait.  She delivered a note through the tube that read: “Do not sound the alarm.  The man in the very back wants $100s and $50s no dye packs or trackers he has a gun on my kids.”  The teller complied, and put $500 in twenties into the tube, sending it back.  The sum beat her hourly wage, so Einspahr took the cash and ran, without incident.

Babysitter not satisfied with pay robs bank
Image Courtesy of The Coli

Ever since the same type of crime had been committed a few decades ago, banks began installing security cameras in every direction possible to monitor both the interior and exterior.  Einspahr had removed the license plate from her vehicle prior to the incident. However, the cameras still captured an image of a Caucasian female wearing a dark colored hoodie and a pair of sunglasses.  The cameras also captured the fact that there was no said individual in the very back.  Officers were able to locate the SUV not too far away at a home at 86 Summit View Road, where the vehicle was registered.  They approached the then empty Nissan and discovered the sunglasses used in the robbery right on the seat inside.

Einspahr was in the home with the woman who was paying her babysitting wage, the children she had taken with her, and an even smaller child who told investigators siblings were in the back with Einspahr during the heist.  Einspahr was taken in for questioning reportedly stating, “I can’t go back to jail.”  She agreed to speak with investigators, but didn’t confess at first.  Initially, Einspahr concocted the same story about a strange man in the back of the Nissan who had threatened her and the two kids. But, she finally admitted to being the sole person responsible for the crime after she met with her defense attorney.  

Babysitter not satisfied with pay robs bank
Image Courtesy of Weld County Sheriff’s Office

Einspahr admitted to a debt of $15,000 as part of a restitution and plea deal in another case of theft that occurred prior to the drive thru robbery.  She decided the quickest way to come up with the cash she needed and pay off the debt would be to commit the exact same crime.  In the previous attempt, she had taken more than $30,000 from her employer while working as an office manager.

Before heading to the bank, Einspahr said she stopped at a gas station and bought the two children suckers to “occupy them.”  Then, she took the plate off of the Nissan and wrote the notorious note before heading to the bank.  After grabbing the $500, she stuffed the money into her purse without counting it and took the kids to a nearby school, letting them play while she reattached the license plate and got rid of the hoodie.  After her confession, Einspahr was ordered to repay $33,000 in total and sentenced to six years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.  Looks like her request to stay out of jail was denied.


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