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Best Fitness Trainers in UK in 2021

— March 12, 2021

It’s time to get back into shape and adopt healthy practices!

With many of us coming out of quarantine, fully or partially, we are struggling both physically and mentally. It’s time to get back into shape and adopt healthy practices. The best way to readjust your life is by signing up for personal training which will help and push you towards discipline and create a sense of motivation. To help you in this process we have put together a list of leading personal trainers in the UK. 


Matt Roberts is the UK Personal Training industry’s initial pioneer. Matt became the most known individual in business since launching Europe’s first exclusively personal training gym in 1996. He has collaborated with consumers, corporations and media to change the manner in which personal training is viewed and used socially nowadays. 

He blends scientific, technology and high intensity trainings on the grounds of his most exclusive Mayfair gym with his team of experts to ensure consumers meet their targets sustainably. The access to a wide array of resources at a single place means that Evolution incorporates the best of medical facilities, testing, physiotherapy, skin and body treatment, clinical Pilates, yoga, and diet; the idea of Matt and the driving force behind the best possible performance for his customers.

Location: 32 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London

Instagram: @mattroberts_lifestyle



Vaibhav Singh is a certified fitness trainer, passionate about training and finds pleasure in getting pleasing results. Striving and always pushing for the best, Singh got into this industry as a young adult and has gained experience over the years training multiple clients, and used to write for earlier . it was time for him to branch off and introduce himself as an individual. The multiple fitness courses that he has done with practical experience and his ongoing journey surely puts him on radar for many aspirants who want to work hard and achieve their fitness goals.

Location: online 

Instagram: @vaibhavpundir_02



With over a decade of industry activity, Louisa had trained by several leading women from Hollywood, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham as part of the LA Elite Team of Tracy and Anderson in NYC, and it was time for Louisa to start her own strategy in London and produce innovative and diverse workshops that yield enduring results.

In 2015 Louisa combined her illustrious business expertise and career as a professional dancer and choreographer to create the “The Louisa Drake Method” with her impressive resume of work and qualifications in Pilates, Barre, Strala Yoga and dance. In two fleeting years, London has been taken up with sell-out lessons and celebrities in this unusual style to fitness fusion.

Location: Lower Ground Floor, 10 Mortimer St, London

Instagram: @louisadrakemethod



Aimee Victoria Long as a teacher and motivational speaker strives to provide her audience with instruction, inspiration and entertainment. You will find Aimée in leading studios in London as well as collaborating with A-list celebrities and Royal Family members. Recognised for her experience, she is a leading personal trainer in London with unusual combination of styles, from pilates to strength and conditioning.

Aimee transforms the bodies of the clients, nurtures their brains and lets each of them get a stronger handle of the four wellness foundations. Her BodyBeautiful approach provides consumers a training and dietary plan, which integrates with their lifestyles and genuinely delivers results. The confidence of Aimee is all about the best of your successes. It will make you feel energetic, happy and better each session it leads. These sessions aren’t easy, but are enjoyable, interactive and open to anyone who wants to push and feel encouraged to finish.

Location: online 

Instagram: @aimeevictorialong



Ciara has more than 5 years’ experience and is a professionally trained personal trainer. She has collected a massive follow-up from social media. Ciara has trained thousands of women and is considered an authority in the transformation of females. Her types of exercise include agility, strength and HIIT with a particular emphasis on women’s body. Her relentless enthusiasm and work ethic means that preparation can be as demanding as it is entertaining. Ciara’s aura all concerns women’s liberation and positive body image. She has instructed over 9,000 people in the lockdown with her IG subscription service.

Location: Online and at her Muswell Hill gym – soon to open

Instagram: @bodybyciarasquad



Nick Screeton has years of work experience in collaboration with several clients, whether they are young, old or healthy, unfit to build muscle or to kill the body’s fat or to prepare for a particular event, race or sport. He has the skills to help. He has new methods which will change the output quickly and produce results within weeks.

Location: 5 Fossdale Rd, Sheffield

Instagram: @lepfitness_



Lyanne and Sam have introduced the first female strength training unit in the capital, providing no-nonsense power and conditioning as well as personal and community exercise plus Olympic lifting. Their job is to grow the faith of all individual women on the inside and out via a powerful and inclusive women’s network from diverse origins, cultures and lifestyles that inspire one another.

Location: 19a Cudworth St, London

Instagram: @strongher_women



A certified sports scientist and Nike trainer, Luke is a hub of experience in all fields of diet and exercise. His sessions concentrate on strength balance, cardio health, agility, physical structure and mental well-being; the programs are based on an in-depth review and appraisal of existing exercise abilities, diet, body shape, quality of sleep and nutrient behaviour. This, paired with an awareness of individual desires, priorities, makes for a personalised and holistic approach to help move. All this is accompanied by a sustainable food schedule, which also supports the targets but also suits long term.

Location: Marylebone, London

Instagram: @lukewtraining



Health Hub founder Nesrine specialises in fitness & conditioning and therapeutic training. this Nike trainer also trains Muay Thai and in private and group sessions. She earned a degree of first-class Hons in Sports & Exercising Education from a college with 14 years’ experience in the health & fitness field and later completed a Master’s in Sports Biomechanical Analysis and ACL Injury. She has a diverse spectrum of clients from new people, cyclists, postnatal moms, and elite foreign athletes.

Location: online and outdoors

Instagram: @nez__healthhub



When introduced to sport as a teenager, Francesco found his innate passion for boxing and started a career as an amateur, with a trail mapped out to track down the belt. Yet he learned soon that coaching was where his passion had been. His comfortable, emotionally involved and extremely enthusiastic style means that no 2 classes are the identical so you stay inspired. He remains conscious of the new fitness methods and challenges that inspire and advance you.

Location: Hackney, London

Instagram: @fighterfit



Middleweight professional and co-founder of Left Hook, Enzo Giordano started his boxing career in North London in 1989. Since 1992, Enzo has been preparing amateur and experienced boxers for recreation. Competitive as well as aspiring boxers, he gives boxing instruction to all; for men or women who want fitness routine or practice advanced boxing skills. He offers boxing training to all. With all you need to practice and learn, you can experience the best boxing experience.

Location: Shadwell, London

Instagram: @lefthookboxing



The education and coaching he delivers in the Transition Academy is Calumn Duthie’s pride and promises that you will never be lost again for your fitness or health. He helps people with their struggle to lose their weight and helps tone and properly address disillusionment and self-doubt by transforming your body and mind, with their health and fitness.

Location: Craiglockhart Leisure Centre & Tennis Centre, Edinburgh

Instagram: @calumnduthiecoaching



Allan young people have helped hundreds of individuals reach their health targets and will even benefit you. Allan has worked tirelessly to find the correct technique to achieve real results on which you can count on the 4th Scottish champion in Olympic weightlifting with eight years’ personal training experience. Regardless of if you want to lose weight, get stronger or develop a slim, sporty look, he will find the strategy for your needs.

Location: Portman St, Glasgow

Instagram: @lifeofyoungy



Fahad became a competitive Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighter following his own quest to change his life and body with exercise. He blends his passions for fitness, encouraging people to lead clients on their own journeys. He uses the newest tools and research to provide you with an accessible and enjoyable training and diet approach.

Location: Barkby Rd, Leicester

Instagram: @fitwithfahad



Sarah is a three-time gold medalist, 2x world silver medalist and 10x British skate champion, and inspires everyone who wishes to make a complete effort. She is very excited about fitness and wellbeing and founder of the Roar Fitness, a boutique training facilitator. Sarah follows what she preaches and has a remarkable ability to motivate her clients to take their lives under power. Her two-pronged assault requires weight lifting and dietary reform which succeeds effectively.

Location: Roar Bank, Liverpool Street and High Street Kensington

Instagram: @roarfitnessgirl​


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