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Buckle Up Baby! How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Child

— November 24, 2020

Whether infants or school-age children, all of our little ones need to ride safely in the appropriate level car seat.

It’s no surprise to anyone that, despite all that’s going on in the world, people are still on the road. Some are essential employees, facing the risk of COVID-19 exposure every day so the rest of us can eat, do home repairs, and keep necessary medical appointments. Others are simply running errands that are necessary for daily living. In any case, many have passengers and some of those passengers are children. With everything else we must focus on to keep our little ones safe, our friends at Spaulding Injury Law have kindly provided us with an infographic on how to choose the best car seat for your child. Buckle Up Baby, it’s going to be a safe ride!

Buckle Up Baby infographic courtesy of author.
Buckle Up Baby infographic courtesy of author.

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