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California-based Boarding School Faces Sexual Misconduct Scandal

— June 10, 2022

According to sources, the alleged perpetrator is described to be a relative of the school’s founder.

Law and Crime1 reported that a 427-acre boarding school is facing allegations that trace back decades of alleged sexual misconduct. The elite boarding school is responsible for many titans in Hollywood such as renowned artists and a federal judge. The school has spent the last year grappling with the legacy of decades of alleged sexual misconduct.

Last June, an elite and selective law firm released a 90-page report which blew the lid on approximately 20 incidents of alleged sexual misconduct and “boundary crossing” dating back to the 1980s. In one of the earliest cases, an English teacher allegedly raped a 16-year-old student, leaving her “traumatized” and “bleeding.”

According to sources, the alleged perpetrator is described to be a relative of the school’s founder. The relative was “reported to have choked a student without their consent”. Since the incident, administrators allegedly swept it incident under the rug for years.

The English teacher later resigned, according to the report, but the circumstances of the teacher’s dismissal were kept murky for decades.

The new chair of the school’s board of administration intends to clean the institution’s reputation by bringing these incidents to light. 

Why sexual harassment in academic settings needs to be handled with care and taken seriously. 

California law prohibits any form of sexual harassment in any setting. Oftentimes, if left unaddressed, sexual harassment can lead to more severe sexual crimes. Both men and women are vulnerable and susceptible to harassment and can come in many forms. Sexual harassment can be elusive, leaving victims to even question what they have just experienced.

In the case of teenagers, these claims should be taken more seriously because of raging hormones and sensitivities that adults may not feel. A sexual harassment attorney can handle your case.

Lawyer working at desk; image by Sora Shimazaki, via
Lawyer working at desk; image by Sora Shimazaki, via

Sexual harassment or harassment of any kind can occur in many ways. California prohibits and punishes extra harshly on incidents of sexual harassment that involve children. In the unfortunate event that anyone experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Bring the incident to the attention of your school advisor, teacher, or campus security.
  • Document the incident with your smartphone
  • Clarify the incident with your parents and seek help
  • Hire a sexual harassment attorney in your area to assist your legal strategy.

Students throughout the State of California who witness sexual harassment in any way, shape, or form should not ignore the incidents. These incidents should be reported and handled with the utmost respect and care. Help is available! You and your children are entitled to peace of mind and protection from sexual harassment! Contact a skilled sexual harassment lawyer today!

Unfortunately, leaving sexual harassment claims ignored or unaddressed can cause worse emotional turmoil in the future. You may be entitled to compensation and your rights deserve to be represented. In most cases, is it recommended to contact the services of a skilled legal expert in these cases.



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