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Can I Sue After Being Injured in a Texas Apartment Fire?

— November 24, 2021

If someone else’s negligence led to your apartment fire and your injuries, you may have the opportunity to sue them.

All residents in Texas should feel safe in their own homes. Whether you live in a mansion or an apartment, the expectation is that your building protects you from harm. The last thing you want is for your apartment building to catch fire, causing serious injuries to you and your family. Unfortunately, apartment fires are relatively common in Texas, and injured victims are often left with significant, life-altering problems. In addition to losing their homes, these individuals may be left with disfiguring injuries that require expensive treatments. 

Can you sue if this happens to you? This question is probably best left answered by a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Texas. These legal professionals can assess your unique situation during a consultation and determine the best course of action. If someone else’s negligence led to your apartment fire and your injuries, you may have the opportunity to sue them. This can provide you with a settlement, which can in turn help you pay for medical expenses and other damages. 

Suing the Property Owner

The property owner or landlord is legally required to make sure that your living area is safe. This means that they must ensure that all fire safety precautions are followed. Texas has a number of strict rules that must be followed by these property owners:

  • Fire Protection Systems must be properly installed
  • The Fire Protection Systems cannot be modified in any way
  • The apartment must have the proper threads and hose connections that are compatible for use with the local fire department
  • Fire Protection Systems must be tested regularly
  • Automatic sprinkler systems are required
  • Fire alarm systems are required
  • Pump rooms must be in accordance with regulations

If your property owner or landlord has violated any of these regulations, you may be able to sue them for negligence. Not only is this a violation of Texas building codes, but it also puts people at risk. If you can prove that your property owner’s failure to follow these rules led directly to the fire, it becomes easy to hold them accountable in court and recover a settlement. 

Gross or Criminal Negligence

Image of a Handgun
Handgun; image courtesy of
stevepb via Pixabay,

In addition, other individuals may be sued for gross or criminal negligence. For example, a 2021 explosion in a Dallas apartment building was caused by a man firing a gun into a gas stove. The explosion injured several people, including four firefighters. In situations like these, the criminal may be held liable for the injuries they cause. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified, Experienced Attorney Today

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