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Causes of Stress in College Students

— August 26, 2020

Expectation of good academic performance from parents and other family members also adds to the stress on students.

The life of a student is changed entirely when he/she shifts from school to college. Moving away from home for college education and the responsibility to do well academically can create a bit of stress. It is normal for all students and not serious if temporary. 

Sometimes a little stress is good to overcome different challenges that come along with the change. But if consistent and too much, stress can affect students’ health and performance negatively.

It is important to know the causes of the stress so students can cope with it better. Here are five common causes of stress for college students. 

1. Financial Management: 

How to pay for the classes in college is a question that has an impact on every student in college. College education is expensive as compared to the school education and every student has to manage his/her expenditures. 

Students with some kind of financial aid worry about loan repayment. Even the students who have parents to cover their education expenses have financial concerns.

Kid saving money for future; royalty free image on RawPixel.
Kid saving money for future; royalty free image on RawPixel.

Having very little to live and loan payment issues can create stress for students. As the future job is not yet clear so worrying about debt is natural for the student. 

Financial issues are one of the major reasons for stress in students. 

2. Job Outlook Stress: 

What a student is going to do after graduation is a future concern for everyone in college. Will they be able to secure a good job after graduation? Will they be able to get rid of the loan payment quickly with their jobs after graduation? 

All these questions are natural and create negativity in an individual. This negativity leads students towards the stress. 

Students may feel that outperforming others may get them a better job will create an additional pressure on them that will cause stress. 

3. Academic Stress: 

Academic success in exams and poor time management are reasons for stress in college students. Other than these personal reasons, classroom activities also add to academic stress. 

Having different home assignments, reading, and preparing for the quizzes and class exams are daunting requirement for a class. Other than that, professors need students to write research papers or journals as well. To cope with stress you should fill free to ask for a help like do my homework.

Just a thought of completing all these will let you know how stressful the life of a college student is. 

4. Family Stress: 

Family issues can create a lot of stress on students in college. These issues can be internal family matters such as divorce, poor communication, and financial crises. 

Expectation of good academic performance from parents and other family members also adds to the stress on students. 

Creating a balance between family dependency and their freedom is a challenge that creates a lot of stress on students during college education. 

5. Everything Else: 

There are many things other than above mentioned four that can create stress in college students. Peer pressure is one of those things. Many friends force an individual to skip the class and attend a party or any other activity. 

Homesickness and social anxiety are a few examples of this kind of stress. 

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