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CBD Oil for Migraines: Latest Research, Risks, Legality & More

— April 21, 2021

Can CBD oil work for headaches? Yes, it can. Using cannabidiol helps with signs and symptoms of headache. However, there’s a need for more research on the benefits and side effects of using cannabidiol products.

Imagine having a migraine attack that lasts more than 72 hours? Given that a migraine is fiercer than a headache, the pain you undergo is too much.

For many people who suffer from migraines, attacks are numerous because of noise, sudden movement, and even excessive light. Today, more are opting for alternative remedies rather than turning to pain medication. The main concern is the side effect of taking medicine.

Natural remedies for this condition include a CBD strain for migraines that prove beneficial for pain relief. The best way to understand how cannabidiol can help you when experiencing a migraine is to know what researchers are saying.

Expert Opinion and Research about CBD for Migraine

What can CBD for migraines do?

Image by Sophie Nengel, via
Image by Sophie Nengel, via

The legalization process of CBD in numerous states led to rapid growth in the industry. Within no time, there were hundreds of companies manufacturing CBD products. At the same time, many more people started seeking alternative remedies for illnesses.

All this led to the cannabis industry becoming a billion-dollar sector with little research about how CBD works. Today, there’s a considerable gap when it comes to studies, research, and expert opinion about CBD for migraines.

Additionally, the research available on the use of CBD for migraine is a combination with THC. There’s no research tackling CBD for migraines only. From the study mentioned above, there was conclusive evidence on CBD and THC’s therapeutic benefits. These two are not a cure for the condition but can help the body tackle signs and symptoms.

Another study took place in 2016 examining the use of cannabis to treat headaches and migraines. The number of migraines in patients reduced by up to 10 after using medical cannabis as per the Pharmacotherapy published conclusion. Some even prefer using CBD coffee pods for migraines.

Also, there’s a 2017 study that showed positive results when it came to CBD for migraines. But, the point worth noting is this is not the case for all people. People experience varying results when it comes to the effects of using CBD for migraines.

Still, more research was presented in 2017 in regards to using cannabinoids to reduce migraines. The presentation was before the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology.

The following year, there was a review that detailed evidence from an experiment about CBD for migraine treatment plus alleviating chronic pain and headaches.

Recently, a review in 2020 concluded that cannabis is an excellent remedy for chronic pain, one symptom of migraines.

Even with these reviews and studies, one concern many still have is whether cannabidiol is a safe, natural remedy.

Is CBD for Migraine Safe?

The popularity of CBD underplays the side effects that this compound has, which needs more highlighting. With proper CBD dosage, you can find relief from migraines and headaches. However, how safe is cannabidiol given that you might need to use it for some time?

What can cannabidiol do for severe headaches? As you ponder on this question, also learn as much as possible about its safety. There’s little research available about the effects of using CBD, and only one CBD drug has FDA approval to treat seizures.

Though many products like CBD migraine balm sold by companies have undergone third-party testing, they still don’t have FDA certification. This raises a concern in terms of how safe they are for human consumption. Therefore, the best way to test the effects is by starting with small doses.

Decide on when to take CBD for migraines. The best time can be when you start noting the signs of an oncoming headache or migraine. When you start with a small dose, you can monitor your body response then keep increasing after that.

Still, it’s worth noting that there’s a need for regulation given how unreliable companies are. A recent study tested the amount of CBD in 84 products bought from e-commerce stores. The results revealed dishonesty in the industry, given that 18 of the broad spectrum ones had THC while many others had smaller amounts of CBD than advertised.

Final Point

Can CBD oil work for headaches? Yes, it can. Using cannabidiol helps with signs and symptoms of headache. However, there’s a need for more research on the benefits and side effects of using cannabidiol products.

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