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Cell Phone Repair Man Arrested For Sharing Video

— June 5, 2017

Cell Phone Repair Man Arrested For Sharing Video

When taking a cell phone in to get repaired, most people expect a quick, easy job that doesn’t involved stealing personal information.  However, it’s always best to double check the device for anything that an employee doesn’t need to be sharing with the rest of the world, perhaps saving to another device in the interim to keep the information in safe keeping.  Even then, repair personnel in search of an Internet connection and quick way to transfer documents of their own may take the opportunity to utilize the device in sharing files of their own.  That’s something that most customers wouldn’t think of, but these things do happen.  So, double checking the phone after it’s handed back is just as important.  Are there foreign files installed? What programs were opened?  Handing a cell phone over to a stranger is a good way to invite identify theft.  Or, at least give the new user permission to do as he or she pleases once it’s in the store’s hands.  

Cell Phone Repair Man Arrested For Sharing Video
Image Courtesy of Pinella County Sheriff’s Office

Roberto Sanchez Ramos, 25, was placed under arrest on Friday, May 26th after investigators said he was sharing an explicit sex video he found while working on a customer’s phone at a T-Mobile store in Pinellas Park, Florida.  He made the mistake of emailing himself the video rather than simply viewing it, which left an electronic trail pinning him to the crime.  According to police who made the discovery, a woman walked into the store and approached Ramos to repair her phone.  He proceeded to rebooting and reactivating it after the fix, but the customer noticed someone had also opened her email account in the process and that a sexually explicit video was stored on her phone that wasn’t there when she dropped it off.  She took note of an unfamiliar electronic address that it had been sent to and in her suspicion, decided to have police take another look.  

The customer later visited the local station and reported the offense.  Law enforcement traced the unknown address back to T-Mobile’s employee.  He was charged with offenses against computer users and scheme to defraud.  He was booked on a $10,000 bond. Ramos also faces an account of violation of probation tied to a prior offense that also occurred at his place of employment.  In February of last year, Ramos was caught attempting to inflate his sales figures and, therefore, earn a higher commission at T-Mobile.  He plead guilty, and was lucky enough to keep his position after the incident.  The man was sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to pay a fine.  This offense, too, was a count of fraud.       

Ramos is no straight laced tech guy, to be sure. but it seems he has been able to dodge some bullets when it comes to sentencing.  He has a rap sheet which also includes a 2013 charge for grand theft.  This case was ultimately dismissed after he was placed in a pretrial intervention program for first-time offenders.  The slew of potential felony charges that Ramos has incurred may mean that this time his luck has finally run  out.


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