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Children’s Speaker Posing Burn Risk Has Been Recalled

— April 30, 2024

Yoto speakers can be hazardous to young children, experts warn.

All consumer goods should be as safe as possible before they are put into the hands of the public. Of course, that sentiment is advanced even further when it comes to toys and other goods that are marketed directly to children. Young people may not know of some of the warning signs to watch for when danger is present, so they are particularly vulnerable to a harmful item. This reality has been brought into the spotlight lately as a result of a series of speakers that are marketed to kids and have had safety issues that prompted worries. Given the immense popularity of the recalled speaker and other tech toys in the modern market, it’s certainly concerning that such a toy might have a risk that could put a young person in harm’s way.

The product that is causing problems for some users is the Yoto Mini Speaker, of which more than a quarter of a million units have now been recalled. These are small speakers that are marketed toward kids between the ages of 3 and 12. The speaker can play a variety of media, including audiobooks, music, and the radio. Sales were completed both online and in stores over a period of about three years.

While the speakers seemed to perform properly for customers, they have had problems with overheating or even melting. Obviously, that’s a major concern, despite no injuries having been reported to this point. The company has offered to voluntarily recall the product to help customers deal with the matter. A free replacement smart charging cable is being provided by the company when customers contact them and provide an image of the previous cable cut in half to prove it is no longer being used.

Children’s Speaker Posing Burn Risk Has Been Recalled
Photo by Marinko Krsmanovic from Pexels

For safety reasons, it’s important not to keep using this product if it is part of the recall. Contacting the company with details like the model’s name, SKU, and serial number will allow it to be determined if the speaker owned by an individual is one of the units that has been recalled. If it falls within the recall, it shouldn’t be used any longer, even if it seems to be working fine at the moment. Customers should wait for the replacement cable before going back to using the unit.

There are fortunately a couple of pieces of good news to take away from this story. For one thing, there have been no reports of injuries to young people, which is of course the most important piece of the puzzle. Also, the company that manufactures the speaker has voluntarily agreed to recall the product so it can be replaced by something that is safer to use. It’s a reality of selling goods at scale that there will sometimes be unforeseen risks and dangers that come up after users already have the products, so enacting widespread recalls as soon as possible is the best way to address the problem and avoid any harm moving forward.


Yoto Mini Speakers for children recalled due to burn and fire hazards


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