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Christensen Law Distracted Driving Awareness Scholarship

— June 14, 2021

Win A $1,500 Scholarship! Create an effective, compelling video to help prevent dangerous driving.

The attorneys of Christensen Law invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on the issue of distracted driving and compete for our scholarship with a prize worth a total of $1,500. We are now accepting entries from students nationwide for our annual Scholarship Video Competition.

Tell us why it’s important to increase awareness about the dangers of distracted, impaired, and/or drunk driving and how they can be prevented.

Distracted, drunk, and impaired driving are leading causes of auto accidents. While many understand the risks associated with drunk driving, there are many other “impairments” that can also result in serious accidents, from medication to sleep deprivation, and especially distraction. Distracted driving is increasingly cited as a primary cause of accidents – and it comes in many forms. While texting or using a smartphone is a common cause, other activities such as eating, talking with passengers, applying makeup, shaving, or even changing the radio station can cause someone to lose focus and take their hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off the road, resulting in a crash or collision.

Image of a Scene of a Car Accident
Scene of a Car Accident; image courtesy of
valtercirillo via Pixabay,

We’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of these types of accidents. We have represented clients who have suffered severe, life-changing injuries that could have been avoided had someone not looked away to pick up a drink, food, or their phone. Especially concerning is that motor vehicle accidents account for the majority of accidental injury deaths among young adults. It is our hope that by offering this scholarship, we can help save lives and raise awareness about the dangers of distracted, drunk, and impaired driving.

Who is Eligible?

College is expensive – books, tuition, living expenses – it all adds up. We want to help college students by offering a $1,500 scholarship through this initiative. The contest is open to high school seniors and anyone pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited college or university in the US.

How to Enter

  1. Create a 60 second “public service announcement” video on the problems associated with distracted, drunk, and/or impaired driving, aimed at influencing young drivers
    • Use persuasive messaging to increase awareness, highlight dangers, and promote distracted driving prevention
    • Shoot your video in portrait (vertical) format, for best viewing on mobile and TikTok
  2. Share your video on social media
    • Tag and follow us: @davidchristensenlaw on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
    • Use the hashtags #CLAWscholarship and #scholarship
    • Ensure your video is set to be accessible/viewable by the general public
    • Allow duetting on TikTok and comments/sharing on all social platforms
  3. Complete the entry form and consent waiver
  4. Upload your headshot photo
  5. Upload a copy of your video

Winning Applications

One (1) video will be chosen based on overall quality and how effectively it meets the criteria. The winning entry will be promoted on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.) and on our website.  By submitting your entry, you are giving up all rights to the piece and granting us permission to repost and publish the piece at our discretion.


  • Deadline to Apply: July 2, 2021
  • Winner will be notified via the contact information provided and announced publicly on July 16, 2021
  • Complete the entry form and consent waiver on our site and upload a copy of your video and your headshot.
  • Proof of identity and current school enrollment will be required. If a high school senior, a copy of your college acceptance letter will be acceptable.
  • A check for the full amount will be made payable to the recipient’s college or university. The winning student will be expected to adhere to all applicable IRS regulations regarding the scholarship award.
  • Christensen Law reserves the right to unlimited use, at its sole discretion, of applicants’ and winner’s video, image, name, social media accounts, and likeness for the purpose of this contest.
  • Applicants guarantee that their video submission is (a) their own original work; (b) does not infringe the rights of any third party (music, images, etc.); and that (c) they have secured releases from any persons in their video.
  • By participating in the 2021 Distracted Driving Scholarship Contest, applicants agree to abide by these Rules and our published Privacy Policy.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 at the time of submission will be sent a parental/guardian consent form to return to us before consideration of video submission.

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The original scholarship page and entry form are found here.


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