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Citing “Irregularities” in Nevada’s Ballot Count, Trump Campaign Launches Another Anti-Voter Lawsuit

— November 19, 2020

President Trump’s campaign is making big claims yet providing zero evidence.

In its ongoing effort to avoid conceding victory to Joe Biden, President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has filed a lawsuit contesting the results of Nevada’s election.

According to The Nevada Independent, Trump officials gathered outside the state’s Republican Party headquarters in Las Vegas on Tuesday. There, representatives from the president’s re-election campaign—including former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, campaign attorney Jesse Binnall, and American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp—claimed to have uncovered evidence of numerous irregularities.

Collectively, they say that the irregularities, if successfully contested, could lead to the dismissal of enough votes to swing Nevada in the president’s favor.

“Donald Trump won,” Binnall said, “after you account for the fraud and irregularities that occurred.”

But as the Independent observes, Trump officials did not present or reveal any compelling evidence to support their claims. In fact, this lawsuit is but the latest of several the campaign has filed against Nevada and Clark County, the latter of which is home to Las Vegas and contains a majority of the state’s registered voters.

President Trump raising his hand at a rally, backed by fans waving signs.
Drain the Swamp sign displayed at a MAGA rally in 2018. Photo by Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times. CC BY 2.0

The Independent notes that, as of this week, Biden maintains a 33,596-vote lead over President Trump.

However, the commander-in-chief’s campaign says their lawsuit should make sufficient impact to “bridge” the difference and secure Trump an electoral win.

“We’re quite confident in the fact that when the law and the facts are clearly adjudicated in this matter, that it will be very clear that once all the voting happened, once everything occurred, the results were unreliable because of the irregularities and the fraud,” Binnall said.

Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin told The Nevada Independent that, while his office has yet to review the lawsuit, it appears the Trump campaign is simply repeating baseless accusations which have yet to yield any results.

“[It] sounds like they are repeating allegations the courts have already rejected, misstating and misrepresenting evidence provided in these proceedings, and parroting erroneous allegations made by partisans without first-hand knowledge f the facts,” Kulin said.

The campaign has asserted that tens of thousands of ineligible voters participated in the state’s November 3rd election, including voters who were identified as deceased or ineligible for Nevada residency.

“The evidence will show that the reduction in votes for Defendant, however, is 40,000 or more than the reduction for the Contestant or, at the very least, in an amount sufficient to raise reasonable doubt as to the outcome of the Election,” the lawsuit stated.

However, the lawsuit did not include any corroborating evidence.

The Associated Press notes that Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and Nevada’s Democratic Attorney General, Aaron Ford, have both maintained that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.


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