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Consuming Edible Marijuana During COVID-19: Better Than Smoking/Vaping

— June 10, 2020

Recently, Dr. Rachna Patel, in her interview, said that consuming marijuana edibles rather than inhaling the marijuana substance is the safest way during Covid-19.

Almost every country in the world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because Coronavirus is a lung disease, some experts and doctors are worried that the people who inhale marijuana through a joint, vape or bong can easily become an infected patient. So we are here with a solution for cannabis users with which they can consume cannabis easily.

For all the marijuana lovers, there is good news. There are some cannabis lovers who need marijuana regularly, be it for any reason, like for sleeping or relaxing or chronic pain. Recently, one of the marijuana medical physicians, Dr. Rachna Patel, in her interview said that consuming edibles marijuana rather than inhaling the cannabis is the safest way during Covid-19. 

We all know the current situation is very difficult for all of us because of COVID-19. People are losing their jobs and some people are getting depressed while sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing. And, for all those who are stressed, Hawaiian Punch Strain is the best strain to consume right now, as once you are high after it’s consumption your body and mind both will buzz. You will feel that you are transported to an island, far away from your stressed life. The effect of this strain lasts for a very long time. The powerful effect of Hawaiian Punch Strain makes you feel like you are in the paradise of Hawaii. So, we recommend this strain, as it will help you to feel relaxed and you will be stress-free.

How to Select Strains for Edible Marijuana

If you are planning to have edible cannabis instead of smoking or vaping, then you need to understand which cannabis is good by looking at the concentration of THC and CBD. THC and CBD are the two main components of strains and each of them has their own benefits. 

Strains with higher concentration of CBD and low concentration of THC help you feel relaxed. Also, high concentrated CBD strains do not cause psychoactive effects. You should use a higher CBD concentrated product than a high THC concentrated product as a high amount of THC can induce anxiety and some people can feel paranoid. Marijuana edibles with higher THC than CBD are best for the people who have nausea, loss of appetite, or severe nerve pain.

Man sitting on sofa resting his head in his hand; image by Nik Shuliahin, via
Man sitting on sofa resting his head in his hand; image by Nik Shuliahin, via

For stress and anxiety relief, you should choose hemp-derived products, which come from hemp plants and naturally have higher concentration of CBD than THC. These hemp-derived products are a better option than cannabis-derived tinctures and edibles which tend to have more concentration of THC than CBD.

Deciding Your Dosage

Edible cannabis products come in many different forms and concentrations, and each user has their own capacity of dosage. So, suggesting the right amount of dosage is a little difficult. But, edible Marijuana newbies should start with around four milligrams of CBD, and use less if they need an edible high in THC.

Edible Marijuana vs. Smoking Marijuana

Smoking cannabis just takes a few minutes to start showing effects, whereas edible marijuana takes two-three hours because food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver. There are chances that users can consume more edibles as users may think that it’s not working. Overdose of edible marijuana symptoms are more severe than smoking marijuana. There are some side effects of too much edible marijuana like paranoia, psychotic episodes, panic attacks, hallucinations.

Recently, a study showed that people are consuming edible marijuana more than smoking or vaping cannabis. 

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