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At Legal Reader, we thrive on criticism and value our readers’ input.  If you have questions, concerns, or have an issue that you believe can benefit from our coverage, please feel free to fill out the contact box below.  And, because Legal Reader covers so many issues ranging from pharmaceutical law to big businesses and how the legal environment effects consumers, we have a wide network of legal contacts.  So if you’ve been affected by an issue we’ve covered or you would just like to reach out to a lawyer regarding a question about the law, fill out the contact form and we’ll help get you the information you need.

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Media Inquiries

We’re always happy to collaborate with other media outlets because we believe that information is key. If you’re interested in using some of the content provided by Legal Reader or you need a quote from a legal expert in the field for a piece that you’re writing, please email requests/inquiries to

We also invite you to reach out to our upper management with any praise or issues you might have with the site.