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Contract Breach Lawsuits: 4 Reasons You Should Sue

— May 29, 2020

It is always important to seek specialized legal advice. In this case, professionals with experience in breach of contract cases. They will guide you in the most appropriate way through the whole process. 

When it comes to lawsuits, there are countless situations that can lead you to pursue one. From personal accident lawsuits to those related to work, such as unjustified dismissals, or lawsuits for breach of contract. They can happen at any time and in any situation.

One of the most common is the breach of contract lawsuit. However, often we do not have enough knowledge or intuition to know when they occur and when it is necessary to file a lawsuit of this type.

Lawsuits for breach of contract, what do they consist of?

This type of lawsuit is a process by which a person sues another since he has not complied with one or more clauses included in a contract previously decided and arranged by the two parties involved.

That is why if one party is breaching any of those clauses, this causes the other party to sue. In this way, through the lawsuit, you can repair any damage you might eventually suffer because of said breach.

Causes of claims for breach of contract

Lawsuits for breach of contract can happen for various reasons. However, it also depends on what level of non-compliance we are talking about. Sometimes things can be arranged in other ways. If the breach is very severe and material, the other party, the one that has not breached its part of the deal, can file a lawsuit for property or money.

Most common civil causes of action: Legal definition and breach of contract law. If we speak in legal terms, breaching a contract is the same as breaking a promise or agreement. On the other hand, breaches of a contract can come from various situations. Such as a specific act or by several continuous acts given by negligence.

When are claims for breach of contract filed?

The questions that arise before all this are: What can be done? What steps should be followed? What are the reasons you should file a lawsuit for breach of contract?

It is worth mentioning that most states in the United States have a law known as Fraud Statutes, which specifies which contracts must be in writing for them to be executed. Among which are:

  • Promise to cancel or pay someone else’s debt
  • Leases of properties that are more than one year old
  • Sales of any real estate
  • Contracts that can take more than a year to complete, among others.

4 compelling reasons to sue for breach of contract

The following are 5 of the strongest reasons for filing a breach of contract lawsuit. If you do not find that one of these is your case and still have doubts, just contact your lawyer to confirm.

1. The monetary aspect

It stands to reason that if the damage occurred due to breach of contract, monetary compensation is important as a way to make up for the breach for the one who is suing. The monetary relief you can get will leave you feeling some relief and peace of mind. Although there are things that cannot be returned, even with money.

2. Complete execution of the claim in your favour

Consult with an experienced attorney with the objective that after filing the breach of contract claim, you can win it completely. Because if you get a court to rule in your favour, the person you are suing will have to honour your commitment immediately.

People reviewing a contract; image by rawpixel, via
People reviewing a contract; image by rawpixel, via

3. Restitution action

Beyond the monetary, a compelling reason is also that a restitution action may occur. A restitution order requires the breaching party to pay the victim for financial losses the victim suffered because of the breach of contract. This restitution resource allows to fully satisfy the party that complies with the contract. This means that, in this way, you will be in the same position you were in before the other party breached the contract.

4. Moral damages

When we talk about compensation generated by a lawsuit, the monetary part is tangible. This can help in some way to recover the damages that could have been generated by said breach. However, what about the moral damages part. These are much more difficult to value and to compensate. That is why certain breaches of contract, depending on their severity, may give you the right to request a form of compensation related to moral damages caused by said breach.

Attorneys for Breach of Contract Lawsuits

As in all cases of lawsuits, whatever the type, it is always important to seek specialized legal advice. In this case, professionals with experience in breach of contract cases. They will guide you in the most appropriate way through the whole process.

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