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Courier Delivery App Development for Delivery Startups

— August 14, 2020

The courier delivery app can take your on-demand transportation business to the next level.

The idea of an on-demand delivery app has redefined convenience and comfort for the users. The on-demand delivery platform has a great potential to serve the customers from different sectors, including eCommerce, health, hospitality and others. Nowadays, when mCommerce is booming, courier delivery apps are playing a crucial role to deliver the products on time and right at customer’s doorstep. 

A good delivery app covers all the phases right from tracking the consignment to the expected delivery of the products. If you are planning to invest in courier delivery app development, then here are a few things that you need to consider for having a flawless and scalable on-delivery app. Let’s start with the features first.

Which are the must-have features of an on-demand delivery app?

If you have selected the type of business and its framework, then you need to decide on the features that focus on functionality and scope that ensure the success of your business model. Here’s the list of essential elements that you should include in your on-demand delivery software.

  • Admin chat: This is one of the most crucial features of courier delivery application. The administrator can easily chat with customers and delivery agents simultaneously to improve the quality of courier service and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Packaging options: This feature allows the user to receive special packaging to prevent any potential damage during the delivery process. This application may be an additional and chargeable service for users. The charge depends on packaging size and material.
  • Real-time tracking: Another essential feature is the real-time tracking of the package. You can integrate this feature into all three versions of the feature on-demand delivery tracking application solution – admin, user and driver.
  • Premium delivery option: You can provide this option for faster delivery. Amazon Prime is an excellent example of premium delivery. It offers two-day shipping on over 100 million items. Amazon Prime customers can receive one-day delivery in select cities. According to this option, users pay some additional costs to get faster delivery.
  • Push notification: We cannot imagine a delivery application on-demand without this feature. Your customers can receive live updates and real-time delivery status via push notification. The app can send instructions for changes to the current phase, estimated delivery time and route or delivery time. Also, driver information can be posted.
  • Payment Gateway: Like eCommerce or other delivery online delivery applications, you need to integrate the payment gateway into the courier delivery application for the convenience of paying your customers through any medium.

Essential Factors to keep for building an on-demand delivery app

Now, you’ve got the flawless app. Do you think that you are finished? In today’s competitive and challenging business scenario, just launching an app is not enough. Here we will give some tips to make your application successful for your courier delivery startups and achieve high ROI through it.

Marketing the App

Man looking at marketing graphs on a cellphone while making notes; image by Rawpixel, via
Man looking at marketing graphs on a cellphone while making notes; image by Rawpixel, via

Did you know that you have to start promoting your application during the development phase? This can generate a lot of curiosity for your app before launch. Aggressive marketing campaigns for your courier delivery app on social media channels, print media and other platforms can get your app an initial download. These downloads can give you the promotions you need immediately after launching your application.

Build long-term relationships

The success of on-demand services depends mainly on long-term relationships with customers, stakeholders and service providers. You can reach the target audience through social media and other channels. It is better to try to establish strong customer relationships through feedback, 24/7 support and other means. As a result, you can get loyal customer support and valuable feedback that can help you improve business performance.

Customer attraction and retention

Today, competition in every industry is intensifying and proliferating. When talking about courier services, you need to think and plan a strategy to attract more people or customers to your business. You can choose a combination of promotional offers and discounts, as well as referral points to stop and retain customers.

Improve application performance

The most effective way to improve an application’s performance is to take quick action on feedback. Feedback lets you read customer feedback about your use or services. You can implement the changes specified in the input or change the way customers are treated based on the data.

Use a personalized approach

Customized messages with personal and informal tones can work wonders. Your customers can stay in touch with different plans through your activities and individual activities. These messages can increase customer engagement and make the conversation more productive. As mentioned above, you can use the app’s notification feature to send messages. 

Final thoughts

Shortening the long story, the courier delivery app can take your on-demand transportation business to the next level. But again, just developing an app is not enough; you need to consider various aspects to build your business and the required application features to provide the best on-demand parcel delivery services to your customers.

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