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Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Asks Court to Dismiss Paternity Lawsuit

— March 31, 2022

The 25-year-old congressional aide behind the lawsuit claims that the only role Jones ever played in her life was pressuring her to keep her parentage secret at all costs.

Billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has asked a judge to dismiss a paternity lawsuit against him, saying that the 25-year-old plaintiff claiming to be his daughter is involved in “multiple monetary extortion attempts” against him and his sports team.

According to Jones, plaintiff Alexandra Davis allegedly delivered a draft-copy of the lawsuit to his office on an unspecified date, asking if he would “make a deal” to “assure that he would not be publicly or privately identified” as her father.

However, Jones’s motion to dismiss does not identify the persons who attempted to extort him, nor does it mention any figure they requested.

“The potential source(s) of those attempted extortions […] will be the subject of other litigation which has been filed or will be instituted shortly,” wrote Jones’s lawyers, Levi McCathern II and Charles L. Babcock.

While Jones’s lawyers did not detail their legal plans, ESPN reports that a March 10 demand letter from Babcock connects Davis’s paternity lawsuit to the ongoing divorce battle between Jones’s daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson, and her estranged husband, Shy Anderson.

The demand letter, says ESPN, advises Anderson to preserve any documents to “determine whether a conspiracy exists among yourself and others including, without limitation, certain of your lawyers.”

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The demand letter asks that Shy Anderson preserve documents in 10 separate categories, including any communications he might have had with Davis and her mother. It also makes reference to “all communications with any person regarding an incident with certain Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders which was the subject of an article by ESPN.”

While Jones may suggest that he is the victim of an extortion-type conspiracy, an attorney for Davis told CNN that the Cowboys owner has no evidence that he is being malicious targeted in the courts.

“I will say that every single allegation about his daughter Alexandra seeking money and-or extorting him is a sad, cynical, false, perverse, defamatory, malicious and pathetic attempt to avoid accountability for his behavior of dispossessing his own daughter,” Davis attorney Andrew Bergman told CNN on Tuesday.

Davis claims that her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer, met Jones when she was working at an American Airlines counter in Little Rock, Arkansas. The two allegedly had a brief relationship.

After Alexandra Davis was born, Jones reportedly offered to pay the mother and daughter a set amount of maintenance money to conceal their relationship.

Alexandra Davis’s lawsuit claims that Jones demanded that she never publicly acknowledge her parentage, despite Jones refusing to provide further financial or emotional support.

The agreement between Alexandra Davis, her mother, and Jones has allegedly resulted in Davis “never having a legal father.”

“To add incredible insult to injury, Plaintiff has had to spend her entire life hiding and concealing who her real father is,” the lawsuit says. “Defendant Jones’ only role in Plaintiff’s life to date other than to shun her, has been to coerce her from ever disclosing her identity.”


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asks judge to dismiss paternity lawsuit, alleges extortion attempts

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones moves to have paternity suit against him dismissed, claims plaintiff offered ‘deal’ before filing lawsuit

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