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Delta Employees Sue Lands’ End Over ‘Dangerous’ Uniforms

— January 8, 2020

Over 1,900 Delta employees who’ve been issued Lands’ End uniforms say they’ve developed medical issues ranging from rashes to scarring.

Delta Employees are suing Wisconsin-based clothing manufacturer Lands’ End, alleging that its uniforms can cause severe health problems.

Two lawsuits against Lands’ End are now pending in U.S. District Court in Madison. According to Madison,com, the first was filed on October 3rd, while the second was brought on Tuesday. In both, flight attendants and other Delta personnel claim that Lands’ End uniforms—made mandatory by the airline—have caused numerous airline employees to develop rashes, migraines and breathing problems, along with other medical complications.

As reports, the lawsuit contends that the chemicals and finishes Lands’ End uses to create stretchable, wrinkle-proof and stain-resistant fabrics adversely affects employees’ health.

Lands’ End uniforms are worn by about 64,000 Delta employees. Since the uniforms’ roll-out in May 2019, more than 1,900 flight attendants and other personnel have complained of short-term and chronic health problems. Altogether, more than 500 Delta employees are suing Lands’ End. Bruce Maxwell, a Florida-based attorney representing the plaintiffs, said he expects that number to grow.

“My clients are very faithful Delta employees,” Maxwell said. “For many of them, this is not just a job. It’s a career.”

Image via Pixabay. Delta Airlines is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, likely because the terms of its employees’ contracts forbids them from suing their employer. Image via Pixabay. Public domain.

Both lawsuits are reminiscent of another filed in New York in May, wherein Delta personnel claim that Lands’ End was negligent for issuing the uniforms and then failing to recall them.

In the New York suit, flight attendant Monica DeCrescentis said she’d had “skin reactions, headaches and a low white blood cell count while being required to wear the uniform.” So noxious were Lands’ End uniforms, DeCrescentis says they even stained other items they came into contact with, including bedsheets, a towel and bath tub.

And, as reports, photos from the October suit—taken of plaintiffs Gwyneth Gilbert and Michael Marte, both Georgia residents—show red rashes. Marte’s photographs suggest he developed hives and scarring, too.

The October suit and New York case put the blame on Lands’ End purple dye, called “Passport Plum.” The plaintiffs’ allege that “Passport Plum” isn’t colorfast, allowing red agents to bleed through fabric and stain wearers’ skin and possessions.

Lands’ End, says the October complaint, “knew or should have known of the risk of injury from the Uniforms, but failed to provide adequate warning to users/wearers of the product, failed to immediately recall the Uniforms and continued to sell the Uniforms to be worn by Delta flight attendants, gate agents and ramp agents.”

The Associated Press notes that Lands’ End has declined comment, citing pending litigation.


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