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Disneyland Visitor Sues “Goofy” for Catastrophic Injuries

— April 10, 2024

Attorneys for the victim say that an actor dressed as Goofy fell with “his full weight” onto the victim, inflicting a range of traumatic and potentially irreversible injuries.

A Disneyland visitor has filed a headline-grabbing lawsuit against the park, claiming in court documents that she was seriously and “permanently” injured after an actor dressed as Goofy fell on top of her.

According to, the lawsuit was filed late last month in an Orange County Superior Court. In her complaint, plaintiff Katrina Griffin said that she visited Disneyland California Adventure Park with her daughter on April 3, 2022.

After entering the park, Griffin claims that she bent over to tie her daughter’s shoelace—and that, while kneeling, a Disneyland employee dressed in a Goofy costume “walked directly” into her, causing her to fall onto the “hard cement.”

Attorneys for Griffin say that the Goofy actor landed on her “with all of his body weight,” allegedly resulting in the infliction of “serious, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent injuries that necessitated significant medical care.”

The lawsuit, adds, does not describe Griffin’s injuries in any particular detail.

Griffin’s lawyers note that, at most Disney parks, character-actors wearing large costumes are typically accompanied by “handler” who ensures that all interactions with visitors remain safe. In the case of silent characters—like Goofy—the handler may also act as a sort of “interpreter,” explaining what Goofy’s gestures and actions might mean.

But Griffin claims that, at least in this case, Goofy had been left to his own devices—and, by failing to adhere to its own policies in providing a handler, Disneyland was negligent and thereby liable for her injuries.


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