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Distractions are Dangerous for Truckers and Other Drivers

— July 12, 2022

A problem that is unique in many larger commercial vehicles is the amount of equipment and space inside of the truck’s cab.

Louisville, KY – Distractions have become a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in recent years, and this is also true for commercial drivers who operate semi trucks and other large vehicles. The consequences of a commercial vehicle accident caused by distracted driving tend to be much more severe, as these vehicles weigh significantly more than smaller cars. If there is evidence that a commercial driver caused an accident while distracted, it is also possible that the driver and their employer can face a civil lawsuit for compensation. There are Louisville truck accident lawyers who routinely help local clients with all of these issues. 

Phone use

During an accident investigation, records of phone calls, text messages, social media posts, and other pieces of information from the phone can determine whether the driver was using their phone immediately before the crash. While there are obvious dangers associated with a driver using a phone and taking their eyes off of the road while driving a huge semi truck, this problem happens more often than many people realize. Distracted driving incidents have also been known to cause fatalities more than many other causes of collisions. 

The use of phones and other electronic devices by a trucker can also be presented by the victim’s Louisville accident lawyers during a trial or settlement negotiations. 

Fatigue and driver error

Truck interior; image by John Schnobrich, via
Truck interior; image by John Schnobrich, via

Another known problem in the trucking industry that is a factor in distracted driving incidents and accidents is driver fatigue. There are regulations that limit the number of hours that truckers can drive each day, although this is not a perfect solution as some drivers can become fatigued more easily and it is possible that drivers may ignore these rules and not be caught before an accident happens. There is also a problem where fatigued drivers are much less aware of their surroundings whether they are actually distracted or not, due to the repetitive nature of truck driving and staring at the road for several hours at a time. This is such a serious issue that the dangers presented by a fatigued driver are comparable to a driver who is intoxicated.

Distractions inside the vehicle

A problem that is unique in many larger commercial vehicles is the amount of equipment and space inside of the truck’s cab. There may be radios, additional mirrors and cameras to help with visibility, places to keep food and drinks while driving, and other things that can move a driver’s hands off of the steering wheel or take their eyes off of the road.  

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