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Do Sexual Harassment Laws Apply to Everyone in the Workplace in Fairfax, VA?

— December 16, 2021

A common example is making sexually charged comments or giving opinions that discriminate against a certain gender.

The laws regarding sexual harassment are very stern and there are no exceptions in Virginia. Anyone who is proven guilty of carrying out such behavior will be legally  liable so employees should take care to refrain from such actions at all costs. There are some grey areas when it comes to sexual harassment and many individuals wonder whether their actions are okay or whether they may be conducting an illegal activity. The general rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if the individual in question does not consent to the flirtatious or similar behaviors, then it could easily be taken as harassment and the individual should refrain from continuing the behavior. Another red flag is if employment benefits, or punishments are linked to the reaction of the person being pursued. 

If a victim finds themselves in a situation where they are harassed by a fellow employee, a supervisor or manager, or a client, they need to report the acts to their company as soon as possible. The more a person doubts themselves and delays, the harder it will become for them to prove that the act occurred, and this could make their workplace situation even more difficult. If a person reports the actions but does not get a positive or appropriate response from the company, they should connect with a sexual harassment attorney right away so they can begin the process of deciding what steps to take next and get the legal protection and support they need during this vexing period.

What are the most common forms of sexual harassment in the workplace in Fairfax, VA?

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Any act that is repeated and offends another person is considered harassment. Naturally, sexual harassment has an additional sexual nature to the offensive and abusive acts. One common form of sexual harassment in the workplace is the passing of inappropriate emails or letters that could seriously offend someone. Another common example is making sexually charged comments or giving opinions that discriminate against a certain gender. A more serious incident would involve unwelcome touching, and also giving employees a chance to advance at work if they follow the sexual favors requested.

These acts may seem harmless at the time, but in reality, they lead to a significant amount of emotional and psychological harm and can change the way the victim perceives life in a very negative sense. Anyone who is being abused in their workplace does not have to continue living in fear. They can get in touch with a sexual harassment attorney as soon as the abuse occurs to begin collecting the evidence and the legal documents to file a proper claim and receive the justice they deserve. 

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