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Don’t Face Your Truck Accident Claim Alone: Reasons to Call a Lawyer

— March 30, 2022

Lawsuits and other actions taken against negligent drivers and their employers can help function as a kind of deterrent.

Detroit, MI – Certain attorneys have experience dealing with accidents involving semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles in Michigan. There are several different reasons why a person would need to meet with these legal professionals after an incident where they sustained various kinds of losses. A civil lawsuit is an effective way to try to get the driver or their employer to pay for any damage that they caused. However, there are also other related reasons to meet with an attorney that can be helpful as well. 

A recent accident

Trucks and commercial vehicles are involved in many accidents each year. The drivers and their employers can be sued like the driver of any other vehicle if they are at fault for an accident. However, lawsuits against commercial vehicles and their owners tend to be slightly different from other motor vehicle accident cases due to transportation regulations, insurance issues, and other matters that are unique to commercial trucks.  

The need for compensation

The main reason a civil lawsuit is filed is so that the victim can receive compensation that will help pay for their losses. If someone suddenly has large medical bills and they are out of work due to their injuries, a lawsuit is often the only way to get sufficient financial help. People who are seriously hurt and have to deal with certain types of trauma and physical pain can also receive compensation for their non-economic losses related to pain and suffering.

Woman with back pain; image by seoworkbuygenericpills, via
Woman with back pain; image by seoworkbuygenericpills, via

Other financial losses caused by the carrier

Is it possible that the trucking company may be sued by any party who sustained financial losses after their negligence. This can include other businesses who were depending on the arrival of shipments and lost profits or dealt with other kinds of losses. 

Making the driver accountable and the roads safer

Lawsuits and other actions taken against negligent drivers and their employers can help function as a kind of deterrent. Trucking companies will often take extra steps to ensure that they do not experience more losses or problems if they have already dealt with a lawsuit and the realities of paying out a settlement to anyone who was hurt. This can include things like additional safety training for drivers and more thorough vehicle inspections. The process of filing accident reports and insurance claims will also result in data collection that is used by governments and insurance companies to attempt to make the roads safer in the future.

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