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4 Tips for Evaluating Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

— April 24, 2019

Cosmetic nose surgery is a major decision. Evaluating before and after photos of rhinoplasty done by different surgeons is a good way to evaluate their work.

If you are planning to undergo nose-reshaping surgery, the first thing you would want to do is to evaluate the rhinoplasty before and after photos of a cosmetic surgeon’s previous patients. By looking at these photos, you can discern the quality of a surgeon’s handiwork. Most cosmetic surgeons have a portfolio or a gallery prominently displayed on their websites to showcase the outcomes of the surgical procedures that they have accomplished. Some also feature testimonials of their previous patients that you can review. 

As a prospective client, it is important for you to consider the following before

Woman’s nose and mouth, visible through a hole torn in pink paper background; image by Ian Dooley, via
Woman’s nose and mouth, visible through a hole torn in pink paper background; image by Ian Dooley, via

making your decision on the best surgeon to do the procedure. Always remember that getting a rhinoplasty is a big decision as it requires altering your appearance, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

  1. Make sure that the photos are not tampered or altered using Photoshop or any other method. Take note of the lighting adjustments as it will affect the authentic results of the surgery. If the photo is too bright or a little bit overexposed, it can create a tendency to hide the details of the enhancements done in the nose. However, advances in photo editing technologies will make it hard for us to notice if such editing has occurred. What we can do is we can request the clinic to provide a sample of raw photos that we can review. 
  2. You also have to consider if the photo gallery has a wide variety of nose shape types of different patients. If a clinic features a good number of diversified patients or those with different ethnicities, you can have a clear sense of the rhinoplasty surgeon’s depth of experience. 
  3. Another thing to consider is if there are multiple views of a patient’s before and after pictures, this way you can review all the angles of the patient from the results of the procedure. Take note that the most important view is the front-facing view as it is difficult to perfect. Good before and after photos feature multiple angles of a patient to display the surgeon’s capabilities. 
  4. A few videos featuring a rhinoplasty procedure that features live nasal views can add plus points to your evaluation as it can give you an added perspective on the surgeon’s skills and surgical abilities. 

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