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Ex-Postal Worker Guilty Of Delivering “Some Kind Of” Drugs

— July 13, 2017

Ex-Postal Worker Guilty Of Delivering “Some Kind Of” Drugs

Former U.S. Postal Service worker Evelyn Ramona Price, 53, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, was caught delivering extra special kind of packages along her Boca Raton delivery route.  She wasn’t just dropping Amazon goods and gifts from loved ones.  Price was taking cash bribes for delivering marijuana.  

Price allegedly redirected multiple packages over the period of five months in 2016.  After the discovery last October, the woman lost her job.  Earlier this month, Price pleaded guilty to bribery of a public official, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Price told investigators she had met a man she knew only as “Steve” back in June 2016 who told her he would pay her to provide him with the addresses where some kind of mysterious packages could be delivered somewhere along her route — Yamato Road between State Road 7 and Military Trail. The man would allegedly call Price the morning the deliveries were due to arrive at the post office and arrange to meet with her at a specified secure location, either at a local veterinary hospital or a Publix supermarket. He offered Price $50 per package when she dropped them off, a nice supplement to her already sufficient postal salary of $800 per week.  Price received at least one to two packages every month, she said, beginning in June, for a period of five months.  She was able to quickly identify “Steve’s” packages because they were always boxed the same and addressed with the same handwriting.

Price claims she was never made privy to the exact contents of the packages, but stated, “I figured it was some kind of drugs.” On October 27th, Price was planning to deliver four packages, but “Steve” called it off, telling her “something was not right,” according to her statement.  Price finished her normal route, in addition to delivering all four of the mystery packages. Three of the four were set to be delivered to locations where no one was physically present to accept them.  However, the fourth was delivered to The Oaks in Boca Raton, a complex with luxury homes.  Price stopped into the business office and hand delivered it to a staff member.  The package was addressed to a woman who didn’t live in the location, which immediately raised red flags. Authorities were called, and when Price returned to the post office, investigators were waiting to question her.  

Ex-Postal Worker Guilty Of Delivering "Some Kind Of" Drugs
Image Courtesy of David Spencer/The Palm Beach Post

All four packages were seized and officers discovered more than 20 pounds of marijuana inside.  Each package had return addresses in either Brooklyn, New York, or in Florida, but were postmarked from the west coast in California.

Price has been held on a $50,000 bond ever since her arrest.  As a part of the recent plea deal, the distribution of marijuana charge against her was dropped, according to court records. She will be officially sentenced on September 8th,  and, although unlikely, it is unclear as of yet whether Price will receive the maximum punishment for the crime.  The elusive “Steve” has yet to be identified.


Postal worker admits she took bribes to deliver marijuana parcels on her Boca Raton route

BREAKING: Postal worker admits to delivering drugs along Boca route

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