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Farmington Doc Monge Dodges Jail After Touching and Kissing Teen Patient

— April 13, 2017

Dr. Eliezer Monge, a physician in the Detroit Metro area, dodged jail time on Monday after being found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery.

Following his sentencing hearing on April 10th, Dr. Eliezer Monge St. Laurent of Farmington, MI, was “ordered to pay court costs, perform 25 hours of community service and undergo counseling.” Laurent, who is 79 years old, specialized in gastroenterology and internal medicine.

Having been found guilty of a misdemeanor, Laurent has also permanently retired from practicing medicine.

Farmington, MI logo; image courtesy of, public domain.
Farmington, MI logo; image courtesy of, public domain.

The case against him broke after an 18-year old patient accused the doctor of inappropriately touching her during an exam. Inspecting her abdomen, Laurent reportedly pulled up a sheet to “expose her body” before making inappropriate comments. As the woman recoiled and tried to stand up, the physician leaned in, trying to force a kiss. When she turned away, his lips made contact with the skin of her neck.

“He put his hand out to pull me up and when he pulled me up he went to kiss me, and out of reflex I pulled him aside and he kissed my neck,” said the victim in a statement.

Law enforcement officials in Farmington were able to match DNA traces from the patient’s neck to Monge.

“We were able to collect a sample of DNA from her neck and some saliva with DNA,” said Frank Demers, director of the Farmington Police Department.

After collecting the genetic evidence, Farmington PD sent the DNA samples to a Michigan State Police laboratory. Comparing the DNA obtained off the victim to Laurent, a positive match was made. Once the result was confirmed, a charge of assault and battery were drawn up against the physician.

The charges against Monge were filed in December of 2016, with the trial beginning a month afterward.

“The actions of Dr. Monge in this case are reprehensible,” said Demers. “The victim came to him for help, and sadly, he took advantage of her in a manner that is both criminal and immoral.”

The charges against Monge were filed in December of 2016, with the trial beginning a month afterward.

The judge who handed down Monge’s sentence on Monday suspended a 93-day jail sentence, contingent upon the doctor’s compliance while serving two years of probation. The 47th District Court also ordered him to pay $2,000 in court costs.

Farmington Police Director Frank Demers is asking that anyone else who was similarly victimized by Dr. Monge come forward. Demers suspects the “brazenness” of the crime for which Monge has been sentenced is such that it may not have been his first.


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