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Fault-Based Car Accident Laws in Idaho

— January 28, 2022

Since Idaho is a fault-based state there is no requirement for drivers to obtain PIP.

A basic understanding of what the law requires regarding car accidents is required for anyone who gets into a collision and intends on going forward with filing a car accident claim. It is up to the driver to make sure they follow the required steps so they successfully file a car accident claim and so they get the compensation they need for any damages they may have suffered.

Each state has unique laws regarding accidents, and it is impractical to expect every driver to know them and remain up to date with the changes that are constantly occurring. A car accident lawyer should be connected with, so individuals can begin filing a legitimate claim and so they can get the legal advice they need to succeed in the process. When it comes to Idaho in particular, a fault-based approach is taken. In many other states, a no-fault law is applied after car accidents, but Idaho ensures that the victims bring their claim against the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident to take place.

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To find out who was at fault to begin with, drivers will need the help of investigators and the police. An attorney can help them reach out to the relevant authorities so they can start collecting evidence to prove fault and move forward with their claim. It is important to keep in mind that the police report will be a vital component in the evidence as most officers have been highly trained to examine traffic sites and create collision reports based on what they observe. Drivers should make sure they say all the correct things to the officer from the very beginning, or their entire case will be void. A single statement or approach can end up going against a persons favor so the sooner one can get in touch with a lawyer to get their advice, the better it is for them.

What are the rulings regarding personal Injury protection (PIP) in Nampa, Idaho?

Since Idaho is a fault-based state there is no requirement for drivers to obtain PIP. No fault states require this form of protection because it helps drivers cover the damages they may face after an accident. In Idaho, PIP is not required, but there are still required forms of auto insurance that everyone must have. This includes bodily injury coverage and property damage liability as well.

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