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Federal Laws to Help Protect Employee Rights in the US

— June 22, 2021

These laws prevent several actions through which people can be cheated and ensure their safety and security.

We are facing the issue of employment across the world and several people do take advantage of the same. Employees keep complaining about specific matters that are not resolved, but irrespective of help, they have to face many problems. Sometimes they have to sacrifice their job to survive. 

The current situation is a little manageable though, with several federal laws that take care of the interest of the employees. Facing issues at work, for example, if you work in the Silver Spring area, it is wise to consult a Silver Spring employment lawyer to represent you and help fight for your rights. 

Coming to legal options, people believe that employment law is complicated and it may take a huge duration to resolve. This prevents many from taking legal assistance. Sometimes getting into federal law is much more tricky than leaving their job. Many laws protect workers and rights, but in most cases, people are not convinced to approach an employment lawyer for various reasons or say misconceptions. 

Here, we have created this blog to share with you information about four laws that are designed to keep the interest of employees. 

Laws made to protect employee rights 

  1. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 – this law provides security to working people within the workplace based on caste, color, race, gender, or sex. It prohibits any kind of discrimination.
  2. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 – people who are of more than 40 years old these laws help them get discriminated against in the workplace.
  3. Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 – this act gives a particular advantage to disabled people and helps in getting employment.
  4. Civil Rights Act 1991 – this law enforces other laws that should be implemented.


Despite several laws and rules, people still facing many issues while working are sometimes discriminated against based on caste and color from other working people. It is our responsibility to protect our laws because it is implemented to provide security to everyone.

There is various group those who are working to eradicate such types of discrimination from our society and Smithey Law Group is one the known organization for providing an attorney for labor and employment law.

There are a number of acts passed to provide safety to the workers. The occupational safety and health act ensures that there should be specific standards for the individual industry, and they are bound to follow those rules and regulations. Any industry cannot ask to do any work that can harm their life or can create health issues.

Firms Faulted by OSHA for Hard Rock Hotel Collapse
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Other laws ensure that you can work under your condition if it comes to your health and you are not bound to work if you wish you can leave. 

Final words

Hiring an employment lawyer will help you find representation to fight for your rights and guide you in the best possible ways. The Smithey law group works specifically for employment and labor law and always provides a proper representation to their clients. They handle cases of defamation, discrimination, employment contracts and severance negotiations, equal pay violations, wage and hours issues, workplace privacy, and wrongful discharge.

Everyone gets significant help, and it ensures that all your disputes will get cleared. These laws prevent several actions through which people can be cheated and ensure their safety and security.

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