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Indianapolis FedEx Shooting Victims, Families Ponder Lawsuit

— February 11, 2022

The lawsuit trails other survivors’ ongoing efforts to get compensation from the City of Indianapolis.

Several families who lost loved ones in a mass shooting inside an Indianapolis FedEx are considering legal action.

According to FOX59, attorneys say the families are reviewing their options and will make a decision on whether to file a lawsuit some time within the next 30 days.

Gary Johal, who lost his mother, Amarjeet Kaur Johal, said he wants to ensure nobody else has to suffer what he has.

“I don’t want to see other people go through the same situation,” Johal told FOX59. “Especially where there’s basically zero security to protect the lives that work there.”

Gary said his mother was shot right after her shift ended, shortly before she should have come home. In the year since the shooting, Gary Johal said that he has gone through “hell.”

“My life has just been put on hold,” he said. “Just kind of stopped in its tracks.”

“Especially for something that I feel could’ve been prevented,” Johal said.

Bullet casings on the ground. Image via U.S. Air Force. Airman st Class Racheal Watson. Public domain.

Johal told FOX59 that he contacted attorney Mel Hewitt to try and find answers.

“We’re going to look into not only FedEx, just because it happened there, but we’re going to look in what happened, why did that happen and should it have happened,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt, adds FOX59, already has a history with FedEx: he was part of another lawsuit against the company, which was filed after a mass shooting in a Georgia facility left six people dead.

“Preliminarily, it involves gathering all the records that you can gather, the public records, and then we make a decision from there,” Hewitt said. “Then if the suit is filed, then we’ll get the records from all the entities that were involved or had anything to do with being involved.”

Speaking to FOX59, Johal said he does not know if he will ever be able to get over the loss of his mother.

“But I do want to see some change come back,” he said, adding that, despite the shooter’s suicide, he wants to try to get some justice for his mother.

“I know the shooter doesn’t exist anymore, but that person is not the only person that should be held liable in this incident,” he said. “But the people that are still here that should be liable—I wanna see them held liable.”

The Indianapolis Star notes that some family members and victims have already tried pressing the City of Indianapolis for recompense, accusing its police department of failing to seriously investigate complaints about the shooter.

Eight people died in the April 15, 2021; four of the victims, like Amarjeet Kaur Johal, were members of the local Sikh community.

The shooter, 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, had previously worked at the facility. Hole committed suicide before he could be taken into custody.


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