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Filing a Lawsuit for a Shattered Kneecap After a Michigan Accident?

— February 7, 2022

These injuries are especially common for those driving older vehicles.

Suffering from a shattered kneecap is one of the worst possible outcomes of a Michigan car accident. This injury can be incredibly painful, and it can also prevent you from doing many of the things you love most in life. Perhaps most importantly, this injury can be extremely difficult to treat – even with the latest advances in medical technology. These treatments can be very expensive, and that’s definitely a problem if your kneecap injury is preventing you from working. So what can you do in this difficult situation?

The answer is simple: File a lawsuit against those responsible for your crash. You can begin the process by getting in touch with a qualified, experienced accident attorney as soon as possible. These legal professionals can guide you towards a positive outcome, helping you achieve the settlement you need and deserve. With this settlement in hand, you can pay for medical expenses, missed wages, and a range of non-economic damages. But what exactly do you need to know about filing an accident lawsuit in Michigan?

How Kneecap Injuries Occur in Car Accidents

Kneecap injuries are relatively common in car accidents, particularly if motorists are involved in forward collisions. When a motorist experiences a head-on collision or an impact to the front of the vehicle, their body is naturally pushed forward by the forces of inertia. This can cause their knees to move forward, impacting the area underneath the steering wheel. If the kneecap impacts surfaces with enough force, it can cause this fragile bone to shatter.

Police officer leaning in window of car after accident; image by Matt Chesin, via
Image by Matt Chesin, via

These injuries are especially common for those driving older vehicles. These vehicles tend to have exposed ignition components that are made from heavy, durable metals. If the kneecap impacts the ignition hard enough, it can easily cause the bone to shatter. This is particularly common with certain car models, such as Saabs. 

Possible Damages After a Kneecap Injury

Kneecap injuries can lead to a number of potential damages. The most obvious economic damages include missed wages and medical expenses. These injuries can also lead to a number of non-economic injuries, such as depression or pain and suffering. A shattered kneecap can prevent you from doing many of the things you love in life, such as playing sports, walking your dog, or going on hikes with your family. You can get compensation for all of these losses. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Detroit area for a qualified, experienced accident attorney, there are many legal professionals waiting to assist you. With their help, you can strive towards a positive legal outcome and get hold of the settlement you need and deserve. A shattered kneecap can lead to all kinds of non-economic and economic damages, and you deserve compensation for all of these losses. Book your consultation with an attorney today and strive for justice. 

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