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How to Find the Best Cannabis Strain for You

— July 19, 2019

Cannabis has been shown to be helpful for a number of conditions. What many people don’t know is that all cannabis is not created equal. Different strains provide different benefits.

If you’re relatively new to the world of Cannabis then you would be forgiven for thinking that all of the different strains are basically the same. Many people have grown up being told Cannabis was something to avoid! Since it was legalized in many parts of the U.S. and all of Canada, the information which is shared on the many different strains and the benefits of each has been shared far and wide.

Different Cannabis strains have different characteristics. For this reason, different strains are recommended for different conditions and many people get to know exactly the type of strain that best suits their own personality and the side effects they tend to experience. Even in the medical profession, when medicinal Cannabis is prescribed, the different strains may be recommended to treat different conditions as they all have a different impact on the brain. Once you start to realize just how many different strains are out there and the fact they are all slightly different, you will see the importance of matching one up to your own brain and situation.

In the information below, we have recommended certain strains for certain conditions you may struggle with. This is based on the effects they have on those who take that particular strain.


There are certain different strains which have been used over and over again by people who are suffering from depression. 

The Amnesia Haze Strain is one strain that is very good for staying high in energy, and has been popular in Jamaica and Asia for many years, It is very uplifting and doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic like some other Cannabis strains are known to do. It has an earthy flavor and isn’t too hard to find.

Lemon Meringue strain is a really flavorful option which has the taste of citrus and a bit of sweetness and also has a diesel smell to it. This is a smooth strain and can kick in very quickly to ease depression, anxiety, and even nausea. It can help people who suffer from low moods and has a mellow feel to it.

Mixing with Meditation

When people are looking to experiment with Cannabis and meditation, they are looking for a strain which can enhance their experience. Often, first-time users should go for vape pens as these give them a good introduction to lighter strains.

Those with a bit more experience may wish to go for Blue Dream. It has very high THC content and can help with relaxing and invigorating your senses, which can be great for meditating and allow you to get even more out of the experience.

Marijuana and an open medicine bottle; image by Ndispensable, via
Marijuana and an open medicine bottle; image by Ndispensable, via

Boosting Appetite

Many strains of Cannabis will boost your appetite in some way, but some are better than others. The infamous ‘munchies’ side effect is actually extremely useful for treating other conditions which may leave you with low appetite and struggling to eat enough food.

The relatively low CBD strain Purple Queen has a fascinating look to it created by more than one cannabis cultivator by mixing other strains of Cannabis Sativa. It is also is great for increasing your feelings of hunger, as well as being relaxing and lemony in flavor.

Critical Mass is another strain high in THC content which gives a smooth feel and a natural woody flavor. It is great for boosting your appetite and can leave you feeling extremely relaxed, if sometimes sleepy.

For Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be exhausting and incredibly difficult to deal with. Sometimes, Cannabis, particularly certain strains, can provide some much-needed relief for those who have an illness or injury that causes them chronic pain.

Blackberry Kush has a reputation for being very good for chronic pain. Be aware that it is not likely to leave you feeling full of energy, and can be good for people who struggle to get to sleep due to their pain as it is likely to leave you feeling tired. It is a potent strain and particularly newcomers may find themselves feeling a little ‘out of it’ after taking.

Harlequin is another which is very popular and is less likely to make you feel drowsy. Instead, the painkilling effects will be perfect for staying alert, and the high CBD content can help to counteract any feelings of lethargy or paranoia which may come along with the substance.


People’s bodies and minds can all react slightly differently. We all like being in slightly different states and the fact that there are lots of different strains of cannabis means that you can match up the right version for you. There are always different things you can try to perfectly match your brain and your conditions to the right strain.

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